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Mitel has identified a security certificate requirement for MiVoice Business software including Release 5.0 through Release 9.0 SP2. Mitel and our partners are committed to servicing affected systems to ensure consistency of communications.

Mitel has developed two courses of action to update your MiVoice Business Security Certificate:

  1. a free of charge Security Certificate Update (SCU) patch to install for R5 to R8 customers or
  2. a new MiVoice Business Release 9.0 Service Pack for R9 customers or customers looking to modernize their network to the latest version of MiVoice Business software.

For more detailed information on your options and to schedule your implementation, contact your Mitel reseller of choice.

MiVoice Business Security Certificate Update

Read the full Security Advisory to see how you may be affected and options to update your system.

Read Full Advisory
MiVoice Business System Patch

Watch this video to see exactly how your MiVoice Business system is patched in under 5 minutes!

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