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Powering Up Partners with New Program Features and Rewards

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February 02, 2023

At Mitel, we value our relationships with our channel partners. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring our Global Partner Program evolves alongside our communications technology.

As the world shifts to various hybrid work models and customer needs change, we’ve enhanced the Global Partner Program with new resources and tools focused on customer lifecycle management (CLM). This enables our partners to create a positive end-to-end client experience from the sales cycle through post-deployment.

We’re particularly excited about the three major enhancements we introduced in 2022 and more to come in 2023.

Mitel Global Partner Program Highlights

1. Improved Visibility Into Performance

For any program to be effective, partners need visibility into their overall performance. We understand that accurate measurement can be the biggest challenge, especially when making timely corrections to achieve optimal results. Giving our partners the right tools to manage performance effectively is a crucial focus of our evolution.

Our new partner performance dashboard provides a holistic view of performance to make it easier for our partners to track progress against program goals. We’ve introduced a new single pane of glass view that includes all metrics related to the Mitel business, including overall performance and metrics for specific Mitel products and services, competency attainment and more.

Our goal is to make this information more digestible and actionable. In addition, rather than a quarterly pulse check, partners can view performance metrics at any time and adjust action plans accordingly to achieve better results.

2. New Opportunities to Earn Rewards and Incentives

As you know, our points system is an integral part of the Global Partner Program. This year, we made some changes to the points structure to better align with our focus on CLM.

The foundation of long-term success is healthy client relationships, helping customers make informed decisions about their future needs. With that in mind, partners can earn more points for guiding customers to modernize their communications technology through adopting MiVoice Business Subscription. This will help build long-lasting, positive customer relationships while earning more rewards in the partner program.

Continuing education, a solid sales foundation, and solution expertise are critical for successful client relationships. We’re rewarding partners that invest in this area with additional program points for obtaining competencies above and beyond the minimum criteria. We even offer new options for education, such as Sales Enablement support, and a new customer journey sales module. 

3. In-depth Surveys for Ongoing Improvement

As a partner-centric organization, Mitel is dedicated to understanding our partners' perspectives. In addition to partner advisory councils, we’re looking for input across the board, from sales reps to business owners. Putting partner feedback into practice is vital to the evolution of the Mitel Global Partner Program and an improved Partner Experience. 

We want to know what we can do differently, what we’ve done well, and what else you need from us so you can meet your performance goals. To that end, we have introduced transactional surveys to gather insights for closed opportunities that have been won and/or lost, as well as Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to gather real-time feedback to improve future interactions.

In addition to these enhancements, we’ve also created handbooks, program guides, and business planning templates to make the path to success easier. Our Channel Account Managers also use formal quarterly business plans to help with account planning. The goal of this process is to help you:

  • Assess your current customer base
  • Identify customers that might be interested in a new application or migration to a different solution 
  • Build a strategic plan for the quarter

Account planning is the framework we utilize to support our partners. It provides a solid foundation for our Channel Account Managers and all internal teams, so we’re always ready to deliver guidance customized to your needs.

2023 is the Year of CLM

As Mitel continues to evolve, we remain focused on helping our partners grow their businesses by further leveraging CLM. We understand that each customer needs different solutions and levels of support over time.

Staying close to end customers is critical to understanding their communications needs and ensuring they receive the right support and solutions. This year, partners can look forward to seeing CLM on their dashboards and new Global Partner Program criteria and benefits tied to these measures.

Another focus area for 2023 will be vertical markets. We recognize partners who contribute to the hospitality space in the United States, but this year, we’ll expand our focus on key verticals within our solutions across the entire program. Stay tuned for more information on this new growth and customer engagement focus area.

With Partner Experience top of mind, we are delighted to share we will introduce a new always-available option for partners to provide non-product specific feedback through a new application called PartnerVoice via the MiAccess Partner Portal in Q1 2023. PartnerVoice leverages the same platform as our product-focused feedback resource, UserVoice, and provides another opportunity, beyond surveys, to gather partner insights.

The enhancements we’ve made so far demonstrate our commitment to our channel partners. As we look to 2023, the new features and updates we have planned will further assist you in creating a positive customer experience and a successful partnership with Mitel.

The 2023 Mitel Global Partner Program year kicks off in April. Check this space for an update on the 2023 enhancements. In the meantime, learn more about the Mitel Global Partner Program and join us in the evolution of communications technology.

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