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With the new year underway, organizations are in planning mode­­­—taking part in annual kickoffs, rallying around goals, establishing new behaviors, and making sure everyone is aligned. For our latest Twitter #MitelChats, Mitel CHRO Billie Hartless led conversations around boosting personal and professional effectiveness, both while working remotely and looking forward to a hybrid future.

What can we do to start each day off on the right foot?
2020 was a demonstration of the importance of self-care and mindfulness. In the midst of global unrest, it is easy to find the mind cluttered. Participants discussed the value of having daily routines, noting that the ways they start and think about their days impact their productivity. Getting into the habit of setting intentions and suspending judgment can help bring peace and focus to the day.


How can we add in elements of self-care while working remote?

Even after setting intentions and finding suitable work routines, the isolation some may feel during remote working can take its toll. As many of us are approaching the one-year mark of working from home, participants said they’ve found that self-care is more than just a nice idea. Selfcare is self-love and more critical to succeeding in remote work than ever. The pandemic made way for home workers to receive more empathy as people discovered the skill of balancing life when work and the personal are meshed together so heavily. Fresh air, exercise and balancing screen time can all aid self-care practices.


Participants also noted the importance of having a plan and loose schedule for both work and personal needs. It may not seem necessary, but scheduling lunch breaks, setting aside time for homeschooling and taking time for staycations can help remote workers find balance.


What are some good ways to maintain team engagement?

While the locations for work may have changed, the need to stay connected has only increased. Maintaining open lines of communication and engagement keeps the team atmosphere alive. At the beginning of the pandemic, virtual happy hours and coffee breaks were common practices but have faded away over time. Revisiting these activities and considering others such as book clubs can help build and maintain camaraderie and inclusive environments.



How can we prepare for a hybrid work environment?

Transitioning into a hybrid work environment will require preparation and planning. Still, employees can use some of the same tools and routines they used to transition into remote work to smooth the transition into a hybrid model. While some employees will consider it a challenge, others might appreciate the opportunity for normalcy. Employers should be proactive in considering the flexibility they may need.


Participants also discussed the role technology can play in easing the transition from fully remote. Using the cloud as much as possible means employees can access everything they need, no matter where they are.


While 2020 forced organizations and employees to pivot in unprecedented ways, 2021 will bring its own unique challenges. By taking the lessons we’ve learned in connectivity, self-care, and keeping teams engaged, we can help ensure that employees are able to work smarter. Join us on Twitter for future #MitelChats.


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