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Mitel Partners with Google AI to Develop the Intelligent Customer Experience

Unleash the productivity of cloud apps with Mitel and Google Cloud. Discover how Mitel is driving the intelligent customer experience through contact center AI solutions powered by Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence technologies.

Build Intelligent Customer Experiences with Mitel and Google Cloud

Customer experience is the new competitive battleground. As the first cloud technology provider to partner with Google to transform the customer experience, Mitel has drawn on years of contact center expertise to create smarter contact center AI solutions, powered by Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies.

And because it’s delivered using Mitel CloudLink, our intelligent customer experience technology works with all Mitel contact center solutions so you can future-proof your communications investment for ever-changing innovation

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Mitel and Google Partnership

Learn more about Mitel’s partnership with Google and how we’ve combined the latest artificial intelligence technologies from Google Cloud with Mitel’s contact center solutions, helping your business improve its customer experience and boost live agent effectiveness.

Demo: How it Works

Watch how Mitel contact center solutions leverage Google Cloud AI and machine learning capabilities to deliver more seamless customer interactions. Discover how the technology:

  • Uses the virtual agent chatbot and AI analytics to respond to common customer needs
  • Stays with each call, SMS or chat to find the best information for each customer
  • Learns what works and what doesn’t to improve future interactions
  • Simplifies agent workflows with smart virtual agent assist

Why Acendas Trusts Mitel

See how MiCloud Connect Contact Center uses AI to help travel management firm, Acendas, elevate the travel booking experience for customers. Acendas Chief Technology Officer Rodney Pattison, talks about why they’re excited about leveraging AI technologies in their contact center and why they put their trust in Mitel.

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