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What is a Hosted PBX Phone System?

A hosted PBX is a cloud-based, virtual PBX phone system that delivers secure, reliable phone service for a business or organization through your Internet connection instead of a privately managed call controller or server that you own and operate yourself.


  1. Your organization connects to your hosted PBX company
    This connection remains active at all times, ensuring dependable performance

  2. You make a call from your VoIP device
    The VoIP device converts your analog voice into digital packets

  3. Your hosted PBX phone system routes the call through the Internet to the hosted PBX service provider
    The digital packets are then converted to match the destination format

  4. Your call is delivered to the recipient
    All this happens faster than you can say, “Hello?”


The result: seamless functionality without the added cost of major hardware purchase or maintenance.


With hosted PBX, your business can maintain the connections necessary to flourish in a constantly evolving business landscape. The idea is simple: provide businesses with the communications features they need while eliminating the expense of unwieldy and costly equipment. Avoid spending time and money monitoring an on-site PBX system. Skip the ongoing costs of maintaining your system yourself. Streamline your business’s telecommunications process—discover the advantages of a hosted PBX.

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Cut the unnecessary costs

On-premises phone systems require you to purchase a large set of equipment up-front, which is valuable initial capital that you may be able to use elsewhere

Get more for less

A hosted PBX service gives you the same real-time voice and collaboration experience as a traditional PBX system with the added benefit of advanced calling features, all while saving you time and money with one low monthly cost.

Leave the maintenance to us

Down the line, when that traditional PBX equipment needs to be updated or even fails, you’re on the hook for those costs. With a hosted PBX, all back-end equipment is owned and maintained by the hosted PBX provider—that’s one less thing to factor into your bottom line.

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With a hosted PBX solution, you don’t need to physically store and maintain PBX equipment—everything is in the cloud.

  • A hosted PBX exists entirely in the cloud – Save valuable space and save yourself the hassle of maintenance
  • Stay current with constant, seamless updates – Businesses today need to stay on the cutting edge. Features like mobile device integration are a standard in today’s world, but they haven’t always been. With a hosted PBX, updates and new functionality are typically included in the subscription cost.

And therein lies the true benefit of a hosted PBX: you enjoy the newest features faster and stay up-to-date without ever overhauling infrastructure. With VoIP hosted PBX, you don’t have to worry about the ever-changing world of tech—your business will always be on top of the latest updates and release versions automatically.

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Business owners know that scalability is a key to ongoing success—each thing you can control is one less thing to worry about. With a hosted PBX service, you give yourself the freedom to adjust your system capacity as needed.

  • Expand incrementally
    With an on-premises PBX, businesses can find themselves doubling their capacity just to add a line.
  • Get control with a hosted PBX
    With a hosted virtual PBX system, you can make your costs more predictable and stable over time.
  • Paying for more than you need is a problem
    A hosted PBX solution allows you to adjust according to real-time needs, which means less capital wasted.
    It makes sense to pay for what you need now, not what you’ll need someday.

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Business happens everywhere, not just in the office—so why keep your phone system there? Unexpected outside factors may prevent employees from making it into the office on any given day. But the foundation of your business isn’t the physical space in which it’s located. It’s the sum of its parts—the people who make it happen.

  • With a hosted VoIP PBX, you can tie together a geographically diverse workforce with a central phone system located securely in the cloud.
  • A hosting platform in the cloud can deliver ultra-high reliability and seamless disaster recovery so you always stay connected to colleagues and customers.

In short, a hosted virtual PBX is a safety net—fire, flood or a simple down power line won’t stop business as usual. Take the power from the power lines and put it in the cloud.

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