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VoIP: Understanding the Power of Voice Over IP

VoIP. What does it mean? What are the benefits of it? How do you choose a system? We cover all these topics and more in this guide.


How Does a VoIP Phone System Work?


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an ideal way to modernize your business communications, stepping away from traditional phone services through local phone vendors and moving towards the utilization of a phone service delivered via your internet connection.

Using VoIP, regular analogue calls can be made using a traditional telephone, or via a computer, these analogue audio signals are then converted to data and sent via an IP network.

By adding VoIP capabilities to your existing data network, your business can combine all communications needs into one solution, making collaboration easier for you and your employees. Quite simply, VoIP can provide the end-to-end solution needed to resolve communications issues within a business or contact center.

VoIP Phone Resources

  • Benefits and Advantages of VoIP For Business

    Find out more about the specific benefits and advantages that show why VoIP for business can help provide the end-to-end solution your business needs to handle communication and collaboration effectively.
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    Getting Started with Your VoIP Phone Solution: It’s Easier than You Think

    Making a significant change in your business can be worrying, but the benefits of VoIP mean that it might just be a lot easier than you think. Find out how you can get started with your VoIP solution without disruption, helping you benefit immediately.
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  • Hosted VoIP Solutions for Small Businesses

    Every business has its own needs based on, amongst other things, size. Take a look at how VoIP solutions can work for a small business, helping get communications off the ground quickly and without disruption.
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  • How to Choose the Right VoIP Phone System Vendor or Provider for Your Business

    Choosing the right VoIP for your business needs is an important decision, find out what key drivers you should be looking out for when making that decision and ensure you’re prepared to make the right choice.
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  • How to Conference Call With VoIP Phones - A Guide To Conference Calling

    Conference calling is often a vital part of the day-to-day functions of a business. Knowing how to do this is essential if you’ve invested in or are thinking about investing in VoIP. Here, we explain exactly how to get the most out of conference calling with your VoIP system.
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  • What Is VoIP Call Recording? VoIP Call Recording Definition

    In many industries, call recording is a vital part of the everyday compliance and training processes. VoIP allows users to ensure all recording data is safely stored, making it easy to retrieve and recall when needed.
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