Mitel Performance Analytics

Better network performance for business success.

Reliable unified communications network performance improves the user experience and makes better use of an organization’s IT resources. Mitel Performance Analytics is a fault and performance management solution that proactively monitors and manages your entire network, and can identify voice and network quality concerns before business affecting outages arise. Available as part of the Mitel Premium Software Assurance subscription, Mitel Performance Analytics provides faster problem resolution and reliable network performance. 



Key benefits

  • Faster problem detection and resolution. 
  • Simplified management of large networks. 
  • Improved user satisfaction and adoption. 
  • Better use of IT resources. 
  • Secure remote access. 
  • Proven in more than 5,000 Mitel customer networks.

NHS Grampian

NHS Grampian is an NHS board which forms one of the fourteen regional health boards of NHS Scotland responsible for providing health and social care services to a population over 500,000 people. See why NHS Grampian turned to Mitel Performance Analytics to have faster problem detection and resolution in addition to simplified management of their large network to reallocate saved time and energy into other areas of business productivity.

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mitel performance analytics

    Deliver proactive network performance management with tools to detect, troubleshoot and address voice quality problems. Mitel Performance Analytics brings you around the clock monitoring, alerts, testing tools and remote access. Analytics and reports deliver additional insight. Take a tour of the latest release, to see how Mitel Performance Analytics can improve your business. 

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mitel performance analytics plus

    Save time on repetitive tasks and manage network performance from a single user interface with Mitel Performance Analytics Plus. Mitel Performance Analytics Plus complements Mitel Performance Analytics with an operations scheduler, set inventory and inventory reports. Take a tour of Mitel Performance Analytics Plus to see how you can centralize solution administration and performance management.

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Proactive performance monitoring is a no-brainer

MPA delivers around-the-clock monitoring, alerts, testing tools, secure remote access to identify and troubleshoot problems, and analytics and reports to provide additional insight. Its benefits are game changers



Downtime can be very costly to your business

Any problem or disruption in your network or communications infrastructure can have a dramatic or catastrophic effect on your business and revenue stream. You do not have to be a Fortune 500 company to lose millions due to an unexpected outage or downtime.
The following Infographic let you calculate what just one minute of downtime can cost your business 



Enhance the value of your Mitel communications investment

Mitel Performance Analytics is available as part of the Mitel Premium Software Assurance subscription. Stay current with the latest Mitel Platform software releases, bug fixes and security enhancements, while having access to Mitel’s expert support services whenever you need.

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Laying the Groundwork for UC Network Performance

Preventing network problems before they occur means less drain on IT resources and a better user experience. Establish the best possible foundation for your unified communications network by becoming more proactive in detecting and addressing performance issues before they become big, user-impacting problems. Download Laying the Groundwork for UC Network Performance to discover how to get the most out of Mitel Performance Analytics.

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Alarm Management

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by network alarms. Either you receive too many, or the alarms you see are not relevant. Learn how to be proactive, instead of reactive, in detecting and addressing network problems, by using alarm properties to manage the alarms you see. Download Mitel's Making the Most out of Alarms to discover best practices and how to implement them with Mitel Performance Analytics.

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MPA Plus

Remote Access


Mitel Application Monitoring

Voice Quality

Cloud or On-premises System Deployment

Digital and SIP Trunk Utilization

SIP Dect & OMM Support

Teleworker and SIP Trunk Voice Quality

Softphone Voice Quality

Advanced VQ Reporting

Trunk Reports & Traffic Analytics

AWV Port Usage Reporting

Emergency Response Alarms




User /Set / Service Inventory

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