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The instrumental bodies and companies of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation are on the three Turin sites – Vittorio, Arbarello, and Bernini – and had business telephone systems based on different technologies, from entry-level for smaller facilities to enterprise solutions in others.

These fragmented solutions limited shared services delivery and significantly constrained the Foundation's required internal mobility and operational flexibility.


The Foundation needed a secure, modern communications system with flexibility and energy efficiency. It was focused on requirements like distributed service node logic, active redundancy, proportional energy utilization, terminals with low-power mode, and flexible and scalable architecture.


The project was overseen by PRISMA scrl, the Consortium Company of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, which led the strategic setup and technological aspects. Particular attention was paid to identifying cutting-edge and wide-ranging flexible solutions that could offer robustness, security, and attention to energy efficiency. PRISMA scrl recommended Mitel’s solutions to fit these needs.

The architecture and technology of Mitel’s MX-ONE focused on energy efficiency, with components that allow power consumption to be adjusted based on actual usage, reducing idle time consumption. Architectural redundancy puts non-operational nodes in low-power mode, managing the workload transition transparently and optimizing energy consumption.

The Foundation achieved the business telephone system consolidation and upgrade with MiVoice MX- ONE and Mitel 6930 and 6940 IP user terminals. The Foundation gained smart working support, secure integration between mobile devices and fixed terminals, personal data protection, a built-in chat and phone and video call system, and more from their Mitel system.

Mitel's solution effectively supports mobility and smart working, solving several operational issues that in the past made supporting agile working models difficult to manage.

- Marcello Maggiora, Head of Technologies and Digital Strategy, PRISMA scrl, Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation

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