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First Assistance

For First Assistance, being able to handle calls quickly and efficiently was of critical importance. Calls are routed to agents throughout its global network of over 75,000 approved and accredited service providers, including hospitals, medical centers, air ambulances and air charter companies. Coordinating with these providers to rapidly respond to emergencies required an extremely reliable contact center solution.

To support its 150 contact center agents in New Zealand and 15 in Sydney, who alternate between three shift patterns to provide 24/7 coverage, First Assistance's partner on this project, HiTech Solutions, handpicked Mitel’s MiContact Centre with Call Flow Designer and Dynamics 365 CRM Integration, a hybrid on-site and private cloud solution. In addition, the company selected Mitel’s call recording suite and robust collaboration application, MiCollab. Deployment took less than four weeks.

“These solutions gave us rich presence information about the customer and let the agents get the information they need from the insurer. We use Mitel's call recording suite, and by having the recordings at our fingertips, we can access the recordings from the Dynamics 365 CRM incident management system. Getting the API integration with our core systems was key; the Mitel platform made it easy to do that."
- Scott Armit, Head of Digital at First Assistance

    • Find a new communications solution that can integrate with insurance companies’ CRM and custom .NET applications
    • Improve communication and response times
    • Be able to determine the availability of medical personnel regardless of their location or device
    • Dramatic improvement in customer reach through optimized call routing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • Easy access to recordings and qualifying information for customers, boosting efficiency
    • Improved communication between agents, customers and medical personnel
    • Better ease of use thanks to seamless integrations
    • Improved customer service due to more responsiveness and access to medical personnel's locations

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