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Hub One

A telecom operator and integrator of mobile and tracking solutions, Hub One serves 4,500 enterprises of different sectors in France, including airports. Hub One’s communications system keeps both employees and passengers connected on a daily basis – that includes 95 million passengers per year across three airports in France (Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Le Bourget) and another 70 million passengers per year through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

To help meet its needs as a growing telecom services provider, Hub One realized that it needed a more scalable and reliable communications platform to help it move to the next level. According Patrice Bélie, General Director/CEO, Hub One recognized early on that the cloud would be the best way forward to run its network. In 2011, the company selected Mitel as its cloud IP telephony provider, and now both resells and uses Mitel’s unified communications, telephony cloud services, devices and applications for business customers.

For example, Hub One uses MiVoice Business as its core private cloud solution across both French and Dutch Airports. Patrice Bélie notes that, “Thanks to Mitel we have grown so that the airport market now represents only half of our business.” Avis and the French Grand Chancery of the Legion of Honor are some of the prestigious brands that Hub One serves using Mitel cloud solutions.

    • Need for scalable and reliable communications solutions to gain a competitive advantage
    • Goal of providing seamless communications, both within Hub One and for its customers 
    • Increased sales and revenue
    • Ability to scale up or down during peak periods and on an ad hoc basis

    • Boosted productivity from powerful collaboration solutions

    • Remote workers feel more connected and less isolated

    • More effective meetings thanks to videoconferencing and screen sharing capabilities

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