MiCloud Connect Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

Control your phone from Outlook with our Outlook phone integration.

The MiCloud Connect Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook improves click-to-dial functionality, allowing users to easily and instantly dial contact phone numbers on their MiCloud Connect phones from within the Outlook application. Click-to-dial eliminates “fat finger” dialing mistakes and accelerates the interaction with customers, colleagues and partners.

Key Benefits of the Outlook Integration
No Additional Cost
The MiCloud Connect Plug-ins for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome are available to all MiCloud Connect subscribers without additional charge.
Speed and Stability
The MiCloud Connect Plug-in for Outlook is a hosted plug-in, avoiding the stability and installation issues caused by other CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) client-based applications.

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Outlook Integration Features
    • Supported Outlook Versions – The following versions of Outlook are supported: 2003, 2007 and 2010 (SmartTags are not supported for Microsoft Outlook 2003).

    • How to Get Them – MiCloud Connect phone system subscribers can install the MiCloud Connect Plug-ins at support.shoretel.com. Installation is quick and easy. If you are not an MiCloud Connect phone system user, contact us today to learn more about how MiCloud Connect’s sophisticated features like the MiCloud Connect Plug-in for Outlook can help you improve productivity and increase revenue.

Is this product right for you?

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