Mitel CloudLink

A modern cloud services architecture that allows an on-site or cloud customer to evolve their collaboration and applications deployments at their own pace.

Businesses are looking for ways to integrate communications into applications and business workflows to drive the next step function of productivity for their organization. With this in mind, Mitel has developed CloudLink, a cloud approach to deliver the next generation of communications applications. Mitel is investing in industry leading architecture and development techniques to design an innovative approach to extending communications and collaboration to an enterprise’s business workflows.

Key benefits
New Applications
Mitel CloudLink extends the Mitel’s on-site and cloud communications portfolio and allows for new and improved ways to collaborate through the deployment of new applications and integrations.
Applications Delivered with Stability and Security
Built on market leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, CloudLink applications are delivered with enterprise level uptime stability, multi layered security and personal data protection and privacy.
On-Site Deployment Investment Protection
Customers will leverage CloudLink to bridge their onsite deployments to leverage cloud based architecture, applications, integrations and commercial models to maximize investments in previous generation technology. Customers maintain their current on-site platforms and integrate cloud based collaboration applications at their own pace.
Developer Opportunities
CloudLink provides the framework to organically grow a vibrant communications developer community. Ranging from partners developing components for Mitel’s existing flagship solutions to partners bringing componentry to the latest AI or IOT solutions, CloudLink provides the common cloud services framework. Click Here to Get Started>
Cloudlink Architecture Features
    • Built upon Amazon Web Services - the leading global cloud delivery framework.
    • Dev-ops operational development model, characterized by continuous integration continuous development (CICD).
    • Applications built on micro-services allowing Mitel to build capability once and deploy into multiple applications (eg common chat across apps).

    • Applications developed once and delivered to multiple communications platforms (both cloud and onsite)
    • Allows for agile, cost reduced development to deliver the optimum flexibility to application delivery and continuous improvement.
    • Deployed in a serverless architecture framework, that allows for a real-time elastic application resource demand model.
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