Phybridge - PoLRE

Leverage traditional telephony cabling to deliver modern IP Phones

Phybridge - PoLRE (former Mitel Streamline) ensures you can IP-enable legacy voice environments – quickly, easily, efficiently and cost-effectively. PoLRE (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) is an Ethernet LAN switch that overcomes wiring challenges by using existing legacy (two-wire / twisted pair) wiring to deliver IP telephony across the organization.

Key Benefits
Eliminate Wiring Issues
When wiring issues become a barrier to migrating your business communications system to IP, PoLRE can help to seamlessly integrate heritage building sites with legacy wiring infrastructure, including remote and isolated sites such as warehouses and cruise ships. Experience a solution that delivers no cable replacement, no business disruption, no security risks, no connectivity limits and no wasted budgets.
Extend PoE
Extend PoE to areas not previously reachable, up to 1,200ft (365m), and you’ll enable employees to work wherever they want, resulting in more productivity and employee satisfaction.
Simplify Network Design
PoLRE simplifies network design by transforming outdated technology (TDM/PBX, analog/digital endpoints and more) to full IP paths with power. Avoiding two-wire rip/replace eliminates risk and disruption to businesses and networks.

Is this product right for you?

    • Flawless TDM-to-IP migration. Any Cable, Any Technology, Any Distance.
    • Removes migration barriers: turns existing TDM/CAT3/STP cabling into an all IP path
    • Rollout Unified Communications across your entire organization
    • Eliminate business disruption: speed up migration with non-invasive, plug and play deployments

    • Increase bandwidth over two-wire infrastructure so voice, video and desktop sharing are more efficient
    • Extend network reach: enable IP and deliver PoE to 1,200ft (365m)
    • Accelerate customer ROI: deliver immediate business benefits with IP-enabled workspaces
Industry-Leading Low Power Consumption

PoLRE delivers Ethernet and Power over Ethernet services over a single pair of telephony-grade wire with four times the reach of traditional data switches. In addition, StreamLine switches come standard with the flexibility of power sharing, load balancing, hot swappable power supply and power sharing among multiple daisy chained units.

Installation Is A Breeze

PoLRE is “plug compatible” with cabling infrastructures, so it connects directly to LAN cabling, similar to how an IP router acts like a switch between the LAN and IP phones. In addition, each phone requires a StreamLine adapter that delivers power and converts two-wire to Ethernet signaling.

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