MiVoice Business Console

The MiVoice Business Console is a completely PC-based call-handling setup with an intuitive graphical user interface for the department or office attendant.

Using an intuitive user interface, the MiVoice Business Console offers quick access to call processing and telephony features – all from your PC. With teleworker support, the corporate answering point is flexible and mobile. Attendants can now work from anywhere, at anytime. 

key Benefits
Flexibility for Teleworkers
Save retail space by offering attendants the ability to work from anywhere in the world.
Screen-Based Features
Features screen-based call status and call handling prompts and real-time busy lamp field (BLF) status.

Is this product right for you?

    • Full PC control – Enables operators to perform call handling tasks with the numeric keypad of a PC keyboard and customize toolbars with commonly used commands
    • Transfer Assistant – Displays the results of an automatic and dynamic search for each caller, allowing quick, efficient transfers
    • Quick Transfer / Answer – Allows operators to select how they want to transfer calls
    • All Console Call History – Provides all operators with a complete history of all calls that have been handled by the answer point, giving the operators the ability to track down difficult transfers
    • Busy Lamp Field (BLF) – Allows operators to monitor up to 5,000 extensions or line appearance statuses

    • Multiple BLF Lists, Customizable BLF Views and Tile-Based BLF – Provide at-a-glance phone status of contacts in a customizable view
    • TComprehensive Hospitality Feature Set for hotel operators and receptionists
    • Home operator support via the Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) – Saves office space and adds scalability
    • Attendant Reports with Mitel Call Accounting – Provide business intelligence
    • Incoming Calls Queue – Provides visual indication of all incoming calls, allowing operators to prioritize calls and customize their greeting
Call History Support

Imagine a caller asking to be transferred to a department he or she previously spoke with, but cannot remember the name of. A simple look though the call history enables attendants to quickly and easily match the caller with the proper destination.

Ideal For All Attendants

The MiVoice Business Console’s sophisticated call handling features make it ideal for high volume call environments in which attendants need to manage calls, rather than simply answer phones.

Presence and Instant Messaging

Presence and Instant Messaging (IM) support allows the Console operator to see if someone is away from their desk, busy or does not want to be disturbed. Through IM, operators can quickly send messages to a user to let them know they have a call, or to ask a quick question on behalf of the caller.

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