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Powerful SIP & IP Phones

Make Better Connections with MItel

Enjoy a wide range of desk phone options featuring crystal-clear sound, advanced capabilities, and customizable accessories to enhance your productivity and mobility with Mitel's IP Phone Series.

In the Office or Remote, Mitel Has You Covered

  • MiCollab, IP Phones

    Collaboration Made Simple

    With PCLink Bluetooth, you can connect your phone to your PC and use it as the audio input for all your videoconferencing apps.
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  • Best-in-Class IP Phones for Business

    Take advantage of flexible connectivity options including wired Ethernet and built-in Wi-Fi to support a variety of home and office environments with the 6900 IP Phone Series.
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  • More Flexible Than Ever

    Tailor your phone the way you want with the unmatched versatility of our 6800/6900 IP Phone Series and open SIP standards, now featuring a broad array of add-on accessories.
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