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Thrive in the digital age with upgraded communications and collaboration solutions for schools. Our solutions are designed to integrate with existing systems, support educational goals and ensure dispersed students and staff are always reachable.

Evolve to more proactive communications

Today’s schools are educating tomorrow’s workforce and leaders. To adequately prepare students to thrive in a digital world, more and more educational institutions are realizing they must undertake their own digital transformation. In 21st century learning environments, technologies and solutions that quickly connect students and staff with essential information are mandatory for success, safety and security.

Increase Productivity

Deploy reliable and scalable collaboration solutions to streamline communications and improve teamwork across buildings and campuses. Easy installation and management minimize disruption and enable administrators to make changes in minutes, rather than weeks.

With collaboration solutions that support open APIs, you can integrate with existing applications and customize the solution for your student demographic, campus and population size and end user needs.

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Provide Real-Time Alerts

Advise students of upcoming events, payment and project deadlines, schedule changes, test results, severe weather and other emergency situations with multimedia notifications.

A mass notification solution lets you instantly deliver time-sensitive information and essential updates to all students across a wide range of channels and devices.

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Enhance Voice Systems

Ensure students and staff always have access to telephony services, even during power outages and emergency situations.

Add analog phones as a back up to digital systems. Integrate communications technology with emergency response applications, such as E911, and differentiate between “code red” and “code blue” situations.

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See How Our Customers Provide a Better Student Experience
Case Study
Taft School

Connecticut’s Taft School aces unified communications with more advanced technology and cost savings.

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Case Study
Carleton University

Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario has invested heavily in its communications strategy to ensure downtime and emergencies don't stand in the way of learning, research and changing the world.

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Case Study
Pennsylvania State Education Association

Innovative MiVoice Connect helped PSEA leapfrog from an expensive, aging telephony system to the most technologically advanced solution in the industry.

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