Safety and Security for the Public Sector

In a post-pandemic world, technology matters now more than ever for public sector establishments.

Schools are searching for the right balance for safety and learning while governments need to provide innovative technology that still deliver on service.
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Challenges for Public Sector

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The Public Sector Has Options for Better Communications


With experts in the public sector, Mitel is constantly fine tuning its products and integrations to address the communication challenges and evolve its solutions to fit today’s complex environments.

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  • Safety in an Unsafe World

    Governments need the ability to communicate with its citizens. For schools, the security of its students, faculty and staff is top of mind. Whether a warning about weather or an intruder on campus, mass notifications and fast-warning technology are necessary to have in place so that staff can react immediately and trigger announcements to make sure everyone is as safe and informed as possible. Whether an overhead page, SMS, email or panic button, Mitel Revolution provides options for critical situations.
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    Monitoring Your Building’s Entry Points

    With Mitel’s depth and breadth solution MiVoice Business gives public sector customers the options for flexibility with an all-in-one communications solution complete with packaged phone apps for remote door entry for getting people in and out of buildings safely. The Mitel Access Control System to IP Phone integration provides visual authentication at points of entry for schools and premises in general. The VOIP entry phone connected to the Mitel infrastructure and remote access system allows the receptionist to receive a phone call along with video imagery of the visitor.
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    Keeping Everyone Informed and Connected

    With MiVoice Business Collaboration, faculty and staff can receive messages with each other and communicate to parents of their students in any situation. Staff and employees whether at schools, government buildings or at home, can communicate no matter where they are and can maintain their connections even in the event of network issues. Digital security is also maintained through across all locations.
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