Secure, Resilient, and Compliant Communications for Public Service

Now, more than ever, public agencies need communications solutions that are reliable, compliant, and secure. At Mitel, we are experts in meeting the demands and providing new solutions to public sector organizations as theyface increasing demand and scrutiny from citizens. Improve the service to your citizens while enhancing the productivity of your employees with Mitel Government Solutions.
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Failure isn’t an option for public service organizations. They can’t afford for their phones or networks to be down. They have to be reachable by citizens and vice versa. In some cases, connectivity for government agencies can be a matter of death or life. Avoiding downtime is a combination of smart solution design (hardware and software) and solid service contracts backed up by a robust and agile service network. At the same time, public service agencies also have to obey the new laws, protect the privacy of users (and the well-being of employees), and preserve the integrity, residency, and security of data. Mitel helps you meet all those goals with trusted solutions that work smarter.

Secure and Reliable Service

Explore Mitel’s flexible, reliable, secure, and efficient communications for government.

At Mitel, we are experts in public service communications and collaboration and we’re ready to work with you!

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    Service and Software Assurance

    Communications outages can cause costly and burdensome disruptions to citizens. With Mitel Professional Services and Software Assurance, you can have the peace of mind of continuous operability, real-time software updates, and cybersecurity updates in a platform you can trust.
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    We’re a Sourcewell Vendor

    Sourcewell has selected Mitel as their preferred provider of communications and collaboration solutions for the third time in nearly 10 years. Mitel has achieved this distinction by consistently meeting or exceeding evaluation criteria for product performance, service delivery, and value. Mitel's comprehensive solutions portfolio provides government agencies with the widest variety of technology options to ensure the successful implementation of their long-term strategies. Contract #022719-MBS.
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Responsible, Reliable Government Communications

Governments require a unique mix of features, flexibility and economy in their telecommunications solutions.

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