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Mitel offers healthcare communications solutions that enable more proactive and efficient care to increase patient engagement, trust, and satisfaction.
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In today’s healthcare marketplace, quality of service, not cost, is the true differentiator


To stay successful as a healthcare business and attract new patients in today’s healthcare landscape, you need secure and reliable communications solutions for healthcare that help keep patients, physicians, and staff connected and informed in real time


Reduce costs through more efficient and automated quality services for patients

Deliver more positive patient experiences

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Increase Trust with Excellent Patient Experiences

  • Patient Self-Service Accelerates Income Flow

    Patient Self-Service Accelerates Income Flow

    Adding click-to-chat and click-to-call capabilities to patient portals improves access and response times between patients and healthcare providers. Integrated voice response (IVR) technology automates responses to routine inquiries 24x7x365, which enhances the patient experience and helps ensure patients get the information and assistance they need. Automate appointment booking, cancellations, and reminders to reduce no-show appointments.
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  • Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs

    Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs

    Better patient care means a higher satisfaction rate and a higher reimbursement rate. Mitel’s validation in the healthcare market has laid the foundation for better patient care by modernizing the communications platform with technology that fully integrates with your existing healthcare applications. The cost rationalization of choosing Mitel’s unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions has enabled healthcare organizations to reduce their operational costs (operators, functions, or applications) as well as develop new functions offered to employees, all while securing their infrastructure.

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Gore Health

A healthy communications solution delivered at Gore Hospital, delighting staff and patients.

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Customer Experience Challenges in Pandemic Times

Download new research to get a glimpse into the consumer perceptions of how well organizations are meeting their expectations around CX and learn why keeping the status quo isn’t an option for contact centers.

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The need for patient-centered care is driving the demand for more innovative, engaging technology. Discover why Mitel is the technology provider of choice to accomplish this.

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"What I know is, Mitel has tremendous products. Good people, fabulous technology, rock-solid in reliability."

Randy Davis, CGH Medical Center
"Our customers want us to communicate with them based on real-time data and be able to act upon the information. Mitel is the communications channel providing outbound communications, IVR, SMS, and other capabilities, enabling our customers to not just receive communications, but to be able to take action about the communication."

Lou Gallagher, Senior Director of Engineering and Architecture, HealthEast
"Because we operate in a particularly sensitive sector, we have a duty of continuity of service 24/7. Lives are at stake: it is absolutely impossible for us not to be contacted or to be unable to call. Thanks to the Mitel technologies implemented by Aberia, we are sure to continue our mission because, whatever the situation, we have optimized our applications in place and offered better service to patients."

Bruno Jeanjean, Director of the Clinique d'Occitanie