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Mitel’s Migration Assist Package (MAP): The Smart Way to Migrate to RingCentral MVP(TM)

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gowri murthy

Gowri Murthy | August 15, 2022

Migrations are not easy—they take time, energy, and effort to make them successful. With Mitel’s partnership with RingCentral, Mitel cloud customers can easily migrate to a world-class UCaaS cloud solution—RingCentral MVPTM. Read on to learn about the Migration Assist Package, one of the many benefits of moving to RingCentral MVPTM through Mitel.  

What is the Migration Assist Package? 

When migrating to RingCentral MVPTM, you will need to gather information from your current Mitel account. Mitel and RingCentral make this easier for you with the Migration Assist Package (MAP). MAP is provided to all Mitel cloud customers migrating to RingCentral MVPTM and delivers considerable time and cost savings that competitive solutions can’t match. MAP includes: 

  • Welcome letter outlining the contents of your MAP 
  • List of users and their profiles on the system 
  • Call flow visuals and configuration information  
  • Audio files from auto attendants that can be re-used and uploaded to RingCentral 
  • A Customer Service Record (or CSR) of all existing phone numbers that need to be ported to RingCentral 
  • A list of Mitel phone MAC addresses to enable touchless provisioning of phones on RingCentral 
  • A Migration Journey Guide outlining how to use the information in your MAP and phone migration instructions  

How MAP Can Save You Time And Money 

1. Pre-populating RingCentral implementation documents using your Mitel configuration 

When moving to the cloud or switching cloud providers for your business communication needs, you have implementation options like self-serve, professional services, or third-party delivery for your new communication solution. All options typically involve discovery, design, delivery, and testing. During the discovery and design phases, you must gather information about your current solution and provide it in the format required by your new service provider. It is critical to accurately document your current configuration so that you can efficiently replicate it on your new service. Compiling this information can take weeks’ worth of time and effort. 

Your Mitel MAP streamlines and takes the guesswork out of this process, supplying the necessary user profiles, device configurations, and call flows in a templated format optimized for RingCentral MVPTM. This saves you time and costs and reduces the risks—such as gaps, errors, and rework—that can arise when recreating a system configuration manually. 

2. Minimizing errors in number port requests with an accurate Customer Service Record (CSR)   

Number porting is a process that allows you to transfer phone numbers from one carrier to another as part of a migration. Transferring your number to a new service provider shouldn’t take much time or trouble. However, number porting often turns into a nightmare. Carriers faced with losing a phone number are notorious for rejecting a port request for the tiniest discrepancy. When transferring your number to a new provider, you last want to hear is, “The port was rejected.”  

Most of the time, you can prevent your number port from getting rejected simply by ensuring the information you provide to your new provider is precisely what is listed on your phone bill or by requesting a Customer Service Record (CSR) from the carrier before you try to port. All this takes time and effort, delaying onboarding to your new cloud system. Also, you will have to pay both communication service providers until your numbers are transferred.

Mitel provides customers with a pre-filled CSR with data taken directly from the respective carriers’ systems to ensure this process goes smoothly and to mitigate ports being rejected. This improves accuracy, allows more flexibility in scheduling port requests, helps prevent migration delays, and can reduce your costs by minimizing the time you are paying both providers. 

3. Minimizing complexity and risks of large, phased migrations 

If you are a large customer with multiple locations, you might be going through a more complex migration to RingCentral MVPTM in phases. Managing phased migrations can be extraordinarily complex, with challenges and risks increasing with the project scope. But with MAP’s repeatable framework that automates much of the data gathering, you can complete the discovery and design phase faster and minimize the risk of manual data gathering and configuration recreation, driving considerable time and cost savings. 

Potential Business Impact 

With solutions like MAP, the Mitel to RingCentral migration experience delivers time savings of 75% compared to manual migration or working with a competing solution. The time you save combined with limited-time financial incentives, like waiving early termination fees, can result in savings of up to $35K in potential migration costs—a quantifiable business benefit simply not possible if you migrate to a competing system. 

Get Started 

We developed the migration process with your experience and business needs front and center. With solutions like MAP, you can fast-track your migration and upgrade to RingCentral MVPTM with confidence.  

Book a meeting with one of our Migration Experts to start your upgrade. We have representatives standing by and ready to help you at each step of your journey to RingCentral MVPTM

gowri murthy

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