Customer experience is today’s most important competitive battleground. To stay competitive, businesses need to be willing to evolve and leverage the best, most innovative communications technologies.

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.1 That means that beyond making your customer experience processes more efficient, your business must prioritize a more personalized, responsive experience that puts its customers' needs front and center.

With 45 years as a leader in our industry, Mitel understands the need to deliver technologies that reach your customers where they expect you to be. As part of this evolution, Mitel has partnered with Google to bring you a more intelligent customer experience. Delivered through our new Contact Center Messenger feature, this new customer experience capability will be available on our core contact center platform, MiContact Center Business.

Beyond the chatbot: Google Contact Center AI

Chatbots have brought us a long way toward a more responsive customer experience, but they are cumbersome and can be costly to implement and maintain. To take virtual agents to the next level, Mitel partnered with Google to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into its contact center solutions.

The resulting capabilities accelerate and automate workstreams within the contact center while helping present customers with pertinent information more quickly. As the first contact center provider to partner with Google to develop contact center artificial intelligence solutions, we knew we could create an experience that would take our customers into the future.

How does contact center artificial intelligence work?

With a traditional chatbot, a contact center team is responsible for predicting what their customers are going to ask, and painstakingly scripting each interaction. Our combined solution connects the customer directly to your company’s knowledge base, shifting chatbot implementation time from months to days. Using natural language processing (NLP), our intelligent customer experience solution understands what your customers are chatting about without requiring specific phrasing, and a virtual agent responds in real-time whether a human agent is available or not.

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If the virtual agent reaches a question or situation it cannot handle alone, the virtual agent can then involve a live agent in the conversation, feeding conversation details directly to a human agent. The intelligent experience doesn’t end there, however. Leveraging machine learning (ML), the solution will continue to observe the customer-agent interaction, suggesting relevant options or content to the agent and monitoring which responses come to a successful conclusion. The end result? Your agent receives real-time coaching from the Agent Assist capability, to be more accurate and more responsive in delivering an improved customer experience. 

Our AI analytics leverage the power of natural language processing (NLP) to interpret why your customers are contacting you, to provide trend analysis on the most common areas for improving your products, user interfaces and information availability. These real-time insights enable you to continuously improve your customer experience more quickly than after-the-fact satisfaction metrics. Where most solutions focus on agent efficiency, our intelligent customer experience capability can now measure customer interactions that directly relate to customer satisfaction.

Responsible AI

Mitel is also engaging with Google Cloud around the responsible use of AI. This includes best practices such as disclosing when customers are talking to a bot, and education around issues such as unconscious bias and the future of work. Mitel is committed to adhering to these practices and will implement responsible disclosure settings that inform consumers when they're chatting with a bot.

By leveraging Mitel's intelligent customer experience capabilities powered by Google Contact Center AI and Mitel's contact center platform, companies like yours can create a tailored customer experience designed to build lifelong customers.

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[1] Customers 2020: A Progress Report

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