Powering Connections. It’s the tagline that we launched along with our new brand last fall. But what does it mean exactly?

Many customers have told us that ‘powering connections’ reminds them of the electric company—providing power for lights, air conditioning and appliances. It is an essential service, yet one that we tend to take for granted because we know that when we hit the switch, the light will come on.

This is a great analogy for business communications. Mitel doesn’t negotiate your deals, propose the next ‘Big Idea’ for your portfolio, nor provide the high-touch service that builds loyalty among your customers. For better or for worse, that is still your job. But we do provide the communication framework that enables your organization to easily connect employees, partners and customers to get business done. As the tagline describes, we power connections.

Imagine a day without business communications. No phones, no videoconferencing, no online chatting and no contact center. Your organization would essentially be off the grid—grinding to a halt. When you consider this doomsday scenario, it’s easier to see how central business communications is to your operations and how this service drives productivity.  Seen in that context, the big question is how to optimize business communications to boost productivity and enhance your business.

Of course business communications has been around for many decades and has continued to evolve. So why the sudden focus on ‘powering connections’ now? In an increasingly connected world, where customers, partners and employees demand more access, connections have become more important than ever. Combine that demand for easier ways to communicate with the new capabilities that cloud communications offers and organizations suddenly have the opportunity to dramatically improve business connections.

The cloud brings many exciting advantages. Your organization is able to reduce costs and roll out new services quickly, as they become available. In addition to this agility, you can seek better ways to integrate your communication options for more immersive customer service and easier ways for everyone to connect. In short, it enables your organization to constantly deliver better communications for easier connections that drive your business.

We were one of the first companies to realize the promise of the cloud and offer cloud communications. And as of the beginning of this year, we now have more than 1 million cloud communications seats or subscribers—more than any other vendor in the industry. This is all about powering better connections to help you do more in business. From enabling tighter collaboration and empowering more innovation to boosting productivity and improving the customer experience, powering connections is about more than delivering essential business services. If deployed correctly, it delivers competitive advantage.

Find out more in the Solutions section of our website. And you can still discover what the experts think the future of business communications will look like in 2025 in this exclusive e-book from Mitel.

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