Words of Wisdom for Working Moms, From Working Moms

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Avery Huffman | May 09, 2024

Moms should be celebrated all year round, right? It’s common knowledge that being a mom is a full-time job, and managing a career and family can be challenging.

Several Mitel moms were gracious enough to share their experiences and wisdom for current or expecting working mothers.

Balancing Family and Work is No Easy Thing

Everyone knows that raising kids is no easy task, and doing so with a full-time job has its fair share of challenges but also a few positives. This is no truer when moms can work from home or have a flexible hybrid work schedule.

Here’s what our Mitel moms had to say about the underappreciated challenging – and best – parts of parenting while working.

anna leduc 


Anna Leduc, Corporate Communications Specialist

“The biggest challenge for me is the mental load of what needs to be done at work, for the kids, and around the house. During the beginning of the pandemic, it was tough with the noise and the constant interruptions throughout the day when the little kids just wanted mom and didn't understand I was working or on a call. However, working from home has allowed me to work around my schedule and be flexible when needed. It's been great to pick my kids up from daycare/school or multitask if my work gets done at the end of the day.”

erin ryan 


Erin Ryan, Senior Director, Corporate Communications Group

“The thing that still gets me eight years in are the tradeoffs I must make. I either must put work aside so that I can be present and mindful with my family – which is very important to me – or let them be doing something else without me so I can focus on something important at work. The pros of working from home are not having to leave the house and not having a commute. It would feel like “wasting” time driving to and from an office. The flexibility of being able to pop over to my kid’s school or pick him up early on Fridays to get ice cream and have those special connection moments makes up for the times when you might have to be online a little late or travel.”

Tips for Juggling Parenthood and Professional Life

All our moms emphasized how difficult working motherhood can be without planning, scheduling, and organizing their week, not just for them but for their children. Some habits, practices, and gadgets helped them feel more prepared and ease their day-to-day stress.

aashka desai 


Aashka Desai, People and Culture Manager

“Sticking to a routine and ensuring my daughter has enough to keep her preoccupied while I’m working and trying to set boundaries for her when I’m working is big. Easy access to my Mitel desk phone and the MiCollab app on my smartphone helps, too! Plus, having a supportive husband is great! He helps with chores and errands.”

jess maria 


Jess Maria, Head of Regional Marketing, Americas

“We’re pretty structured around schedule. On the refrigerator, the kids have time blocks of their morning responsibilities: the things they need to get going and get out the door to school. We have a dinner menu for the week, and we try to schedule things around my work schedule and meetings, leaving as few things up to chance as possible and calendaring everything. I meditate a lot, too. That is my secret sauce to maintaining balance: meditation.”

Erin Ryan

“Habits and practices that help me with parenting and working from home are walking, taking mental breaks, spending time in my garden, and maybe a little yoga and meditation with my app. I try to leave my phone at my desk so that I have breaks from screens. Also, I try my hardest to be done with the important things at work before he gets home, and sometimes that means asking my husband to pick him up from school to get that extra 45 minutes of productivity.”

The Best Advice from Working Moms

Are you a working mom, or will you be? Our Mitel moms shared one last piece of advice about careers, parenting, mental health, and work-life balance.

Aashka Desai

“Some advice I have is sometimes to take a sick day/vacation day when your child is at home and not stress yourself out by taking care of your child and working. For the most part, your peers understand what it’s like working from home with a child, so don’t be ashamed or embarrassed if your child pops up if you’re on a call/video meeting. And don't forget to carve out some 'me time.' Reading helps me re-balance myself.”

Jess Maria

“We’re conditioned to have unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Being kind to yourself and giving yourself grace is so important. It can’t all get done, so prioritizing the most important things and being able to say ‘no’ to things is crucial. We must accept that we have some limitations, even if we don’t want to, and that’s okay. Think of your time budget like a financial budget and prioritize accordingly.”

The amount of problem-solving, organization, time commitment, and patience that goes into mothering is challenging, and we applaud all moms for everything they do.

Working moms deserve our support. Here are five ways to lend a hand>

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