How to Drive Revenue and Increase Loyalty Through Customer Experience

You know the way we communicate with each other has evolved, but what about the way your business communicates with your customers? A third of the US population is made up of millennials that use multiple channels when reaching out or making a purchase, so how does this shift affect your bottom line? More importantly, how closely aligned is your customer experience strategy with how customers are buying?

Looking for some clarity? Check out this infographic for a clear understanding of how customers are shopping, why they abandon your transactions, and what steps you can take to keep them happy.

Why provide a digital, multichannel customer experience?

  • Benefit from proven ROI and revenue generation
  • Deliver the convenient, intimate service that customers have come to expect
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors and improve customer retention

The bottom line

55% of customers would pay extra to guarantee better service

(Source: Defaqto)

The top performers in customer experience ratings achieve 2.4x the revenue of laggards

(Source: Medallia Analysis)

Call center support ranges from $6 to $12 per call but web self-service can cost a company less than 10 cents

(Source: Forrester) 

3 key lessons

  1. Customers expect a flexible experience with digital media. Your contact center needs to be ready to respond on all channels at all times.
  2. Negative experiences can go viral! Workflows must be defined to ensure customers are connected to agents with the right skills for the interaction, and agents must have the right tools to provide informed responses.
  3. Providing a convenient, digital experience improves customer loyalty and paints a positive picture for word-of-mouth marketing.

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