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Carleton University 

Carleton has some unique considerations for its communications strategy. Because students and staff are spread across a large network of buildings and residences, keeping everyone connected is an important requirement. For staff, the ability to easily contact and collaborate with one another is critical for productivity. What’s more, the student population needs convenient and simple ways to contact administration for information or resolve routine issues.

As with any university, student and staff safety is a critical responsibility. In the event of an emergency, Carleton must be able to broadcast notifications to its entire campus population, no matter where they are at that moment, with a high degree of certainty that each message will be received. Additionally, operational telephones ensure a line out to emergency services when needed, so the reliability of Carleton’s communications systems is critical. 

Carleton sought a solution that would not only keep its network connected, but also provide a high level of reliability and make the most of its in-house IT resources.  

  • Need for 24/7 system availability without disruptions in service quality or performance
  • Need to maximize available in-house IT resources
  • Desire for actionable system data
  • Constant system monitoring, alerting and reporting for early detection of issues
  • Significantly reduced downtime due to proactive handling of reported issues
  • Powerful mass notification capability campus-wide
  • Enhanced team collaboration through tools that keep staff connected


“We are pleased to have such a state of-the-art system that will serve us well in our continuing efforts to make Carleton an even safer, more secure campus community.”  Roseann O’Reilly Runte President and Vice-Chancellor, Carleton University

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