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City of Hasselt

The City of Hasselt needed a communications system that better matched its customer experience goals. By updating their communications technology, they were able to centralize and improve multiple functions and provide citizens with better overall service.

The City of Hasselt in Belgium had historically operated the government offices and the social welfare departments as separate entities. They decided to build a brand new City Hall, to amalgamate the Municipality (Government) and Public Centre for Social Welfare (OCMW) into one new, modern building  and to operate as one centralized organisation.


  • The City of Hasselt’s government offices and social welfare department merged to become one centralised organisation. The main objective of the collaboration was to provide better customer service for the citizens of Hasselt, which also meant integrating and centralizing  their communications.
  • A better customer and user experience through feature-rich communications like real-time collaboration
  • Enhanced productivity using a single, unified service for collaboration, conferencing and messaging
  • Better customer satisfaction due to more reliable contact  center technology
  • Improved business processes from internal reporting capabilities

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