City of Rancho Cucamonga Case Study

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California’s City of Rancho Cucamonga strives to meet the needs of the community through excellent public services. Mitel’s Connect ONSITE unified communication solution allows city employees to stay seamlessly connected, and accessible to residents, from anywhere.

City of Rancho Cucamonga


  • Aging phone system became difficult to support and costly to maintain
  • Challenges with reliability meant city officials weren’t able to provide the level of community service they prided themselves on


  • Mitel Connect ONSITE with work groups and mobile application
  • Enhanced paging
  • Emergency Gateway E911
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration


  • Improved reliability and access
  • Met all city budget requirements
  • Improved community experience
  • Increased productivity and transparency


Located 37 miles east of Los Angeles, Rancho Cucamonga is a planned community in the foothills of the magnificent San Gabriel Mountains. Since its incorporation in 1977, its population has continued to grow, and now includes nearly 200,000 citizens. To support its residents, the City is now the fourth largest employer with nearly 900 employees.


With an average 287 sunny days per year, award-winning architecture, over 20 parks and community facilities, and highly-rated schools, life is good in Rancho Cucamonga.

The city lives up to its motto of being a world class community. And, as declared in its mission statement, Rancho Cucamonga always aims to improve existing services to meet the expected and anticipated needs of the community. When the specific expertise needed to manage city’s aging phone system became difficult to support, costly to maintain, and ultimately impacted reliability, the city knew it was time to find a new solution.

Darryl Polk, Chief Innovation Officer and DoIT Director, oversees all city technology needs and manages the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT). DoIT, is indicative of its mission – to do it, to get things done by delivering high levels of service to its customers, the staff and residents.

Polk issued an RFP and invited the top vendors to conduct an in-person demonstration of their solution. The city rated these companies and the highest-scoring company, Mitel, was presented to the City Council for their final review and approval.

“As a government agency accountable to its constituents, there was a rigorous process and lots of scrutiny to make sure we made the best decision for our citizens. Mitel and their partner presented the most comprehensive and easy-to-use system at a great value,” Polk explains. “Replacing the entire phone system enterprise-wide created serious fiscal challenges. We’re thrilled that with Mitel Connect ONSITE we can upgrade this critical infrastructure with the latest Internet-based technology, ensuring our system will be viable into the future, while also being able to understand and accurately forecast our costs,” Polk adds.


The College of William and Mary implemented a Mitel UC Solution that includes Mitel Professional Communicator, Mitel Enterprise Contact Center (ECC), and more than 3,000 Mitel IP telephones. The new system has provided expanded phone services to all campus constituents by leveraging modern VoIP technology, including desktop software for managing calls and access to voicemail-to-email.

"Mitel Connect ONSITE satisfies our need for a single unified communication system that’s easy-to-manage. Mitel has the flexibility and wide feature set to positively impact our operations."

Darryl Polk, Chief Innovation Officer / DoIT Director
City of Rancho Cucamonga

“Mitel Connect ONSITE satisfies our need for a single unified communication system that’s easy-to-manage. The City has a wide variety of needs across many different agencies. Mitel has the flexibility and wide feature to positively impact our operations,” says Polk.

After meeting with department heads to design their call flow requirements, the server, hardware and phones were tested, programmed and installed. Thanks to Mitel’s integration with the City’s network, employees now benefit from Single Sign-On and a more streamlined experience.

Additional integration with the paging amplifiers at the fire stations and corporate yard, along with wireless IP conference dishes in all conference rooms throughout the City set the stage for a more connected community.

With nearly 1,000 phone lines across the City including City Hall, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Central Park, Senior Center, Animal Care, Victoria Gardens Cultural Center, Biane and Archibald Libraries, Family Resource Center, Corporate Yard, Lions Center, Quakes Stadium and Family Sports Center, Rancho Cucamonga can now effectively manage communications requirements for different areas of its operations.

For example, the animal center was under constant demand and didn’t have the staff to dedicate to just answering the phones. They handle about 2,600 calls a month to reunite owners with pets and pets with new homes. Connect ONSITE’s auto attendant and call routing now allow for faster responses to callers, some who are in a panic over a lost pet.

Polk points out, “At the fire stations, first responders are dependent on Connect ONSITE for accurate and immediate information and need to rapidly respond in emergency situations. However, they’re not always readily available to answer the phone at a fixed location. With Connect ONSITE, they have an integrated mobile application which increases their availability in the community while engaging in important on-going activities like training, equipment maintenance, and off-site meetings.”


Further flexibility was realized with the ‘park’ button, which allows anyone to easily transfer their extension between locations without calling IT. The fire department administrator, who spends part of her day at a fire station and part of her day at City Hall, can now move her extension with her. She can answer administrative calls while at the fire station, leading to improved productivity and service to the community.

“Connect has helped us in so many ways. Our box office takes about 1,400 calls a month. With Mitel Connect’s work group capabilities, attendants can more efficiently route calls and manage the queue, especially during high demand periods. At the police department, calls outside of business hours are handled by the county sheriff. With Connect’s scheduling feature, it’s now an easier and more flexible process. At Quakes Stadium, home to our minor league baseball team, employees previously had to use ten-digit dialing into and out of the center. The center is now connected to the city-wide system, allowing for more streamlined operations,” Polk states.

The City’s commitment to removing graffiti within 24 hours of being notified has also been positively impacted. The voicemail box that an employee would need to dial into has evolved to a voice-to-text email that is sent to a group of code enforcement employees, allowing them to respond more quickly and better serve the community.

“The mobile app has also helped us in many ways,” Polk says. “There’s a phone number that citizens can call to report non-functioning street lights. This line is monitored 24/7/365 by multiple employees. Previously, whoever was covering had to go to City Hall to forward the line to their extension. Now, they don’t need to leave the field. They just log in wherever they are and can respond without going to City Hall, making them more productive, saving the City money and ensuring a safer environment.”

Polk continues, “And, the enhanced paging feature helps us with our natural disaster preparation, including a state-wide initiative called The Great California ShakeOut. Cities in California practice disaster recovery scenarios with their first responders and city personnel. With Connect enhanced paging and emergency notification, we can send simultaneously a consistent message to all city buildings. This integrated approach means we can more efficiently and effectively respond to a threat and better serve our citizens.”

“Beyond the valuable features and functionality of Mitel Connect ONSITE, we’ve also gained a trusted communications partner with extensive experience and an excellent reputation. They’re viewed as additional staff, as part of our team versus a contractor that needs to be managed. They understand our geography and culture and maintain the same high standards of service to their customers like the City does. They’ve been a fantastic partner who has helped us achieve our goals of improved productivity and service to our citizens,” Polk states.

Rancho Cucamonga is now basking in the sunshine of improved communications with a reliable solution that improves their ability to serve our community and conquer any communications mountain.

“The Connect mobile app has also helped us in many ways... Now, [employees] don’t need to leave the field. They just log in wherever they are and can respond without going to City Hall, making them more productive, saving the City money and ensuring a safer environment.”

Darryl Polk, Chief Innovation Officer / DoIT Director
City of Rancho Cucamonga