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Orion Township

In Orion Township, the Supervisor’s Office is critical to helping the community and its constituents maintain their idyllic quality of life, overseeing key operating agencies of the municipality such as the departments of police, fire, public works and parks and recreation. So, when the voicemail on their Toshiba PBX system suddenly stopped working, it created a significant interruption to the township’s operations  like what lost luggage would be to the average vacationer. 

Aware of Mitel’s long-standing and strong reputation in the unified communications space, Orion Township Supervisor Chris Barnett quickly reached out to explore options. Mitel’s consultative sales approach in looking beyond just a phone system to a more integrated UC solution opened new possibilities that would make it easier for the Supervisor’s Office to interact with employees and constituents of the township. But, at what cost?

As a government leader accountable to the township’s citizens, Barnett was thrilled to learn he could get more for less with Mitel. The journey to a stable, high quality, lower cost communications system was possible.

“While at first the voicemail failure was very disruptive to operations, it turned out to be the catalyst to not only saving money but also getting a 21st century solution. When presented to the Township Board, it was the proverbial ‘no-brainer’,” stated Barnett.

    • Aging, insufficient legacy PBX had issues with reliability 
    • High cost, low functionality 
    • Inefficient operations made it more challenging for staff to engage with the community 
    • Over 10% cost savings 
    • Increased productivity for staff while on-the-go 
    • Intuitive user experience 

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