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Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers were considering replacement of a legacy Nortel system and an Interactive Intelligence application in the call center as the two systems were disparate and lacked modern telephony features. After running the numbers, Trail Blazers Telecommunications Manager Lou Pallotta determined that to rip and replace the Nortel system with the Mitel VoIP solution would actually save the organization a significant amount of money.

With an IT department of only four people, service and support, ease of administration and a user-friendly interface were key. Telecommunications Manager Lou Pallotta had previous experience with telephony systems from most of the major vendors, none of which he felt were a fit. The solution that satisfied all of the organization’s needs came down to one—Mitel unified communications.

“The upgrade for my Interactive Intelligence call center alone was going to be more than the forklifting of the entire system and putting in an all-new Mitel call center, building the IVR and putting in new telephones,” said Pallotta. “Our ROI was a slam dunk.”

  • A legacy Nortel system and an Interactive Intelligence application in the call center resulted in disparate systems that lacked modern telephony features
  • Needed a solution that would be easy to manage and easily integrated with the organization’s CRM application
  • Expenses to maintain the outdated system were mounting and hard to justify for an inadequate communications solution 
  • Savings of up to $45,000
  • Increased revenue via productivity tools
  • Robust, workflow-changing features
  • Ease of deployment and use

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