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The elderly care patients require thorough care throughout their healthcare journey. There is a growing need to improve the quality of care services and create more sustainable communication solutions for professional care facilities. The care patients are entitled to the most effective and secure service, whether at their own residences or professional care facilities. Choosing the right communication solution advances faster inquiry resolutions that reduce unnecessary hospitalization, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and improved patient outcomes, as well as cost-saving.
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  • Mitel UC Solutions

    Cost-Effective Communication Adapted to Your Business

    Mitel's communication solutions based on MiVoice platforms are scalable from the smallest organizations to the largest elderly care hospitals, both in terms of cost and capacity. MiVoice Business for small businesses provides enterprise-grade calling capabilities for smaller elderly care hospitals. The easy-to-use administration portal allows for a simple and quick setup. All Mitel products and services prioritize secure communication with robust encryption, secure messaging, and compliance features.
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    Secure Patient Identification

    Enable secure communication and personalized patient service with healthcare personnel and relatives by using personal identification engines. Mitel’s contact center integrations with digital ID apps or voice biometrics from Illuma Labs allow your healthcare staff to verify and validate the callers before answering their calls. The integration additionally allows agents to quickly access the patient's history, previous and upcoming appointments, or current prescriptions to support your patients in real-time.
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    Mobility Enabled Elderly Care

    Simplified and always accessible communication is the key to improving patient experience. Benefit from high-performance and distributed mobility solution that is fully integrated with your existing Mitel UC solution and your eldercare applications. It is designed for wireless coverage through Wi-Fi and DECT, where it addresses the need for mobility, security, and privacy, and where voice, bedside messaging, message priority, programmable answer buttons, and alarm solutions enable faster and safer responses within the elderly care environment. Mitel mobility solutions ensure that health professionals can easily collaborate, share information, and make informed decisions in-real time, ultimately improving patient outcomes.
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  • Rauland Responder

    Integration with Elderly Care Nurse Call Solutions

    The nurse call system collects data from multiple sources including medical devices, fall sensors, patient’s nurse-call button and more. Integration with the cost-effective Rauland-Borg responder for communication between the patient room and the nurse's station allows for prioritized care procedures and faster and more secure responses in elderly care environments. The patient station and nurse call console are adaptable to support smaller elderly care facilities with their unique needs and budget. Other nurse call integrations can be found under the MSA program or based on request.
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  • Voice Assist Diagram

    Automated Voice Services for Excellent Patient Experience

    Mitel’s cost-effective and software-based Mitel Voice Assist enables automated real-time interactions with your patients. MiVoice Assist is a low-code/no-code auto attendant that easily adapts to your specific business needs. The text-to-speech and speech recognition feature recognizes the words spoken by the caller, making it easy to renew prescriptions and find the patient's current appointments online, or book simple consultations with an agent. The service increases the quality and speed of the service your patients receive.
    Mitel’s Low-code/No-code Auto Attendant
  • Virtual Care on Laptop Screen

    Virtual Appointments

    MiVoice platforms and Mitel Contact Center enable virtual appointments, remote monitoring, and personalized communication channels that contribute to an outstanding elderly care experience, fostering trust and well-being. The service also allows the patient to easily schedule, cancel or reschedule an already booked appointment without any human interaction. As a result, it improves both the patient experience and overall access to elderly care services. The automated service frees up resources for healthcare professionals and simplifies the patient's remote monitoring of their appointments.
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