What happened to Mitel’s old products?

Find out if specific legacy call control platforms, phones, accessories and more have been renamed, replaced or discontinued


Mitel has been around for more than 40 years. A lot has changed about communications and collaboration technology in that time, so it should come as no surprise that over the years, some products are replaced, retired, or renamed as we introduce, combine or innovate others. We created this page to help you find out what happened to some of Mitel’s more popular products, and where possible, direct you to their new names or their best replacements.


What happened to the Mitel phone systems and applications?


What happened to MiCloud Enterprise?
MiCloud Enterprise is now MiCloud Flex.


What happened to MiCloud Contact Center?
MiCloud Enterprise is now MiCloud Flex Contact Center.

Looking for products from an acquisition or merger?


Mitel regularly acquires and merges with companies. If you’re looking for information on products from one of the companies acquired by, or merged with, Mitel, you may find them here:

Aastra products

Shoretel products 

Oaisys products

Corvisa products

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