Helping Customers Provide Great CX While Leading the Mobile Transformation


    At October’s inaugural Mitel Next event in Dallas, Texas, Contact Center General Manager Brian Spencer presented our customer experience strategy and vision. At the core of the strategy were two clear goals:

    • Give great customer experience (CX) solutions to Mitel voice platform users
    • Lead customers through the mobile transformation of consumer engagement

    As the 2016 gets under way, we're excited to announce the general availability of MiContact Center Business Release 8.0, a customer engagement platform designed to execute and deliver on this vision.

    MiContact Center Business 8.0 (formerly known as MiContact Center Workgroup/Business/Enterprise Edition) powers sophisticated customer experiences for MiVoice Business users. Responding to the needs of today’s mobile consumer, MiContact Center Business uses voice, email, chat, SMS, and social media for great self-service, inbound and proactive customer communications. Rounded out with real-time, historical and customizable reporting tools, highly customizable routing, outbound interactions, and CRM integration, MiContact Center Business empowers the modern business to transform its customer experience from dated to digital.


    So what’s new in Release 8.0?

    Enhanced flexibility and convenience for today’s mobile consumer

    With half of the world’s population glued to their mobile devices, SMS is critical. Release 8.0 natively engages with SMS media, powering inbound interactions (like sales and support), outbound interactions (like reminders and campaigns), and self-service for the ultimate flexible CX. Leveraging a single workflow designer across all media types, MiContact Center Business users can now easily implement SMS work processes

    Today’s mobile consumer is self-reliant, with Forrester reporting that 76% of customers prefer to serve themselves. Release 8.0 includes speech-driven self-service capabilities (specifically text-to-speech (TTS) and automatic speech recognition (ASR)) to deliver powerful and robust self-service.

    Beautiful simplicity

    Simple packaging makes system design a breeze. We’ve bundled Mitel MiCollab and MiVoice Call Recording licenses with MiContact Center Business so customers don’t have to choose between excellence and budgets. Enable your CX workers to reach across the organization with MiCollab and connect subject matter experts to customers in real time, all while providing valuable insight and continuous improvement potential into each interaction with MiVoice Call Recording

    Improved availability, resiliency and performance

    Customer experience is a top priority for today’s leading businesses. Release 8.0 is more robust and available than ever with server monitoring, alarming, and recovery capabilities, ensuring organizations can proactively respond to issues before they impact end customers. More customer engagement, less maintenance.

    Expanded Scalability 

    We’ve doubled the capacity of active users and now handle 2X the number of digital interactions per hour. As your business and digital traffic inevitably grow, we’ve got you covered.


    An experience worth tweeting about

    MiContact Center Business Release 8.0 marks the beginning of a new year for Mitel’s MiContact Center portfolio. With a focus on powering customer experience for today’s mobile consumer, our top priority is not only you, but your customers. Together, let’s design a customer experience worth tweeting about.

    To find out more about transforming your customer experience, visit MiContact Center Business on  


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