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Meeting the Need for Intelligent Next-Generation Notifications



On April 19, Mitel acquired the mass notification product Blazecast from Benbria. This product, which has been rebranded Mitel Mass Notification, is an intelligent next-generation notification system that enables faster delivery and acknowledgement of vital information across a wide range of channels and devices to key stakeholders and targeted groups.

Today’s campuses are more complex and are challenged with managing communications not only for staff but also now for students, fans and campus visitors. When it comes to crisis communications, they need a reliable communications channel. The historical method of relying on SMS text messages or calls only provides a projected reach rate 70-85 percent. But with new channels like social media, it’s now possible to reach 100 percent of the population.

“In early 2015, Mitel realized we wanted to provide our customers more value by providing vertical applications to extend our core platforms,” explains Jim Davies, VP of Vertical Initiatives at Mitel. “Benbria has been a partner for some time and Mitel realized it was a good opportunity to provide our customers more value and provide a good starting point to grow Mitel’s education vertical.”

“You may think that a simple text message is enough, but with today’s communication world, with so many other mediums, mass notification is the only way you can be confident of getting your message across.”–Graham Bevington, EVP and President of Mitel Enterprise Division

One Mitel customer who currently leverages Mitel Mass Notification is Texas A&M University. As one of North America's largest universities, Texas A&M, with its extensive campus, wanted to expand the ways the university actively keeps its sizable student body, faculty and staff informed, should any unforeseen event arise.

 "Early on we adopted a multi-faceted system we call Code Maroon. The concept is that we send information out in several different ways. No one system is infallible and provides 100 percent delivery but we feel confident that we are accomplishing this with text messaging, SIP-based speakers in ceilings, and by integrating with enunciation panels and fire alarm systems," said Dr. Walt Magnussen, Director of TAMU Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center (ITEC).


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