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The Future of Desk Phones is Here: Meet the Mitel 6900w IP Series

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James Wong | April 19, 2023

Okay, let’s be honest. You probably read that title and thought: Desk phone of the future? Isn’t that an oxymoron? After all, we’ve heard that desk phones will disappear for years. Oddly, no one ever talks about desks disappearing. Why is that? But desk phones aren’t going extinct; they’re undergoing an evolution. Specifically, they’re adapting to a more mobile workforce used to customizing communications and being equally productive in the office and home.


What does the desk phone of the future look like? It looks a lot like this:

MiTeam Laptop

That’s the new Mitel 6900w Series IP Phone with Bluetooth connection to a laptop to provide hands-free speakerphone audio for a PC video call. The 6900w Series represents our most advanced phones, yet they’re desk phones. But they’re also much more than that.

Mobility and Flexibility for All

The first thing you may notice about the 6900w IP Phone Series is that familiar network cable. It’s gone. Instead, the 6900w Series phones are designed to connect wirelessly to your Wi-Fi network. No PSTN or Ethernet cables are required — although you can still connect your phone to the Ethernet LAN if you want, using the most advanced and efficient IEEE standards such as Energy Efficient Ethernet and low Power of Ethernet (PoE) requirements. 

Wi-Fi connectivity means that employees can plug their phones into a power source and start making calls anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. It’s part of a new trend in hybrid work where employees’ work time is shared between the home and the office. Connecting your work phone via Wi-Fi is a must-have as it allows you to set up your workspace anywhere in your home, including your patio, if that’s where you feel like working.

Wi-Fi support isn’t the only new mobility feature in the 6900w series. The 6920w, 6930w, and 6940w phones also have built-in Bluetooth 5.2 support for device-to-device communications. This allows the 6900w phones to use Mitel’s patented PCLink and MobileLink technologies. PCLink enables desk phones to connect wirelessly to personal computers so you can, for example, use your desk phone as the audio device for PC-based video calls.

For anyone who has struggled with PC audio quality, you’ll appreciate the high-definition audio of the 6900w phones. MobileLink, as its name implies, connects your mobile phone to your desk phone so you can answer a mobile call on your desk phone and then transfer it back when you leave. Your mobile contact list and call log are transferred seamlessly between your smartphone and 6900w phone for a completely integrated communications experience.

Openness and Energy Efficiency

Beyond mobility, business users also seek flexibility in their communications choices. Some users prefer the extended range of a DECT cordless headset for calls; others prefer a wireless Bluetooth headset that can be shared with their smartphone. Mitel supports both options through a broad suite of accessories that can be easily added to the 6900w desk phone to customize the call experience for the user.

Another aspect of the desk phone’s evolution is energy efficiency. The new wireless features of the 6900w Series draw less power during idle periods to reduce energy consumption and meet the requirements of “green” initiatives.

6940 user

The 6900w also supports Open SIP call control, which means it can be used (and re-used) with third-party phone systems beyond Mitel. Openness ensures businesses get more longevity and value from their technology investments. And, through PCLink and MobileLink, the 6900w Series supports extended presence across multiple communications devices.

So, if you’re on a video call on your laptop, your desk phone will show that you’re engaged on a call — no more annoying phone interruptions or juggling multiple calls. At the same time, if you’re waiting for an important call while you’re on a video call, you can accept the phone call and immediately mute your video call so there’s no crossover in conversations.

A New Design Inside Out

One of the most significant improvements to the 6900w IP Phone Series isn’t readily visible to the naked eye: a brand-new electrical design based on current microprocessor technology. In creating the desk phone of the future, we were acutely aware of the supply chain issues that have affected global chip manufacturers, from computers to communications devices.

We designed the phone with the security of supply in mind by selecting more readily available components resistant to global supply chain pressures. The 6900w IP Phone represents a new kind of desk phone from the inside out.

If it seems like desk phones are disappearing, maybe they’re going to more places. The new generation of desk phones is being plugged in at home (and even hotel rooms), connected to desktop computers as an external audio device, and linked to smartphones to support seamless conversations and business contacts. This evolution of the desk phone to an all-purpose audio device aligns with how employees work today.

If you still think of desk phones as connected to your desk, disconnect from that old-fashioned way of thinking, and experience the freedom of Mitel 6900w IP Phones. The future is calling… and it sounds better than you could imagine.

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