Casa Grande Regional Medical Center Case Study

Casa Grande Regional Medical Centre had major challenges with their archaic telephone system - it was difficult to manage and expensive to maintain. Mitel's solution was flexible enough to address the needs of this growing, fast-paced hospital.

Below is the video transcription:

Being here over 28 years, we actually had a phone system that was an analog system, and it was becoming very archaic. It was getting extremely difficult to support-- find obviously components, handsets. Price of support was extremely high.

Communications and responsiveness to those communications are critical in a hospital environment.

Casa Grande Regional deployed the Mitel Mobility unified communications and the virtualized call control, which was extremely important to us, being able to really utilize our current investment in the VMware platform and our current infrastructure that we have.

The other thing that has been helpful for us is the deck solution, which is our mobile phones for our clinicians. The reason we want that is we believe clinicians should be able to get a hold of other clinicians immediately and to not have to worry about somebody else answering the phone and going to find that person. Mobility is extremely important to a hospital of our size. So being able to bring a solution on board with the Mitel deck and also the cell phone twinning really adds value to the solution. So one of my personal favorite things about the Mitel solution is the mobile handoff. I use that all the time, as do multiple directors throughout the facility. Being able to actually have a call with a vendor or someone within the facility and hand that off between my cell phone and my desk phone without the end user or the customer or the vendor even knowing that is just great. Mitel really brought us into the 21st century, bringing VoIP, wireless, all of the components that we really need. Adding mobility to the floors was a great asset for the Mitel solution. The experience that Mitel has with all their years in telephony made all the difference to us making them our selected vendor.

Trans-West has been a great partner for us. They really came to the table with a unique solution that met the needs of Casa Grande Regional. For the Casa Grande Regional Medical Center, we selected the Mitel solution with the virtualization aspects so that we could give them an always-up system. It was very important for them to not have any downtime, whether it was a part of the implementation or ongoing maintenance pieces.

One of the things that I think is important is that the voice of the customer, which is me and this organization, is heard by both Mitel and Trans-West. So when we went and did our initial demos, they were very prepared at what they thought hospitals needed so that they could demonstrate everything. And so for us, it was key that we said, they get it. They understand that the customer's important and how they can service and make decisions based on what we need. So it's clear to me that as we see things that we need to improve on telephony and on our systems, that they'll hear us, that they'll listen, that they'll evaluate it very clearly. And if it makes sense-- not just for this facility, but for others-- they'll make that happen.


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