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Topic: Remote & Hybrid Working

June 20, 2024

Return to Office Tips for Pet Owners

Discover how pet owners can manage the transition back to the office. Learn tips to keep pets happy and productive while adapting to new work routines.

Remote & Hybrid Working

June 03, 2024

Unplug to Recharge: Disconnecting on Vacation

Are you struggling to unplug from work? Learn five practical tips to disconnect, avoid burnout, and maximize your vacation time.


May 06, 2024

Gen Z, Gen Alpha, and Gen AI: Meet the New Workforce

Prepare for the future of work with insights into Generation Z and Alpha's impact, tech-savvy expectations, and the role of AI in unified communications. 

Remote & Hybrid Working

April 29, 2024

Remote, Hybrid, or In-Person? The State of Work in 2024

What does work look like in 2024? Learn how to support teams with unified communication and collaboration tools, whether they are remote, hybrid, or in-person.

Remote & Hybrid Working

April 22, 2024

10 Eco-Friendly Habits for Hybrid and Remote Work

Explore the environmental impact of remote work, tips for eco-conscious remote workers, and how Mitel's collaboration solutions support sustainable work practices.


April 17, 2024

4 Tips to Stay Healthy and Active at Work with Unified Communications

Discover tips for a healthier, happier workforce. Learn how unified communications and remote work flexibility can boost activity levels.

Remote & Hybrid Working

April 03, 2024

Beat Work from Home Burnout: Tips and Strategies for Balance

Are you facing work from home burnout? Learn to recognize the signs of Zoom fatigue and take action with our effective methods for a healthier remote work balance.

Remote & Hybrid Working

February 28, 2024

TMI? Take Care Not to Overshare at Work

Where is the line between vulnerability and oversharing at work? Establishing healthy communication is vital to building strong workplace connections.

Remote & Hybrid Working

December 18, 2023

Why Consumers Need Digital Interactions to be More Human

The pandemic created higher expectations for better digital customer experiences. Our innate need for human connection is behind the demand.

Remote & Hybrid Working

December 05, 2023

How Remote Work Can Build a More Sustainable Future

Discover how remote work reduces carbon emissions and why downsizing office spaces is critical for sustainability.

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