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Jamestown Properties

Jamestown Properties designs, develops, owns, and manages some of the world’s most iconic commercial spaces.  With the quickening pace of commercial real estate transactions, and Jamestown’s worldwide expansion, the company needed a more capable, unified communications solution.

Keeping up with the pace of technology

As Jamestown expanded their business and portfolio, their current phone systems were no longer meeting expectations and the company was eager to find an improved platform to better fit their increasing growth.

“Getting instant messaging up and running with the old system was a 50-step exercise for each person.”

The company was looking for a one stop solution to connect with the employees through calls, video conferencing, and IM - preferably a chat app that promised to be a valuable communication tool. There was no better choice than RingCentral.


“Having the desktop app and all the collaboration tools on our phones, our computers, wherever we are in the world… that’s been amazing for our business.” – Dean Rogers, Senior Support Engineer.

  • Unifying disparate non-compatible video platforms between locations, so that no matter which office an employee was working in they would have a fast and easy experience connecting, saving the company time, and fast-tracking decision making.
  • Replace obsolete phone systems and overhaul the existing communication systems completely.
  • Connect employees and customers instantly, worldwide through messaging, video, and phone, to support their hybrid workforce.
  • Implement a solution that works on mobile phones just as well as on desktops.
  • Expanding operations and staying ahead of the competition by adapting innovative technologies.
  • Connect with employees and customers instantly, paving way to make important decisions without losing time, no matter where they are.
  • Video conferencing has never been easier.
  • Increased mobility for their global and remote workforce, using RingCentral’s app on both laptops and smartphones.

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