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Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Report

Are you losing money with inefficient communications?

Are you looking to improve employee productivity? Or wondering whether your team collaboration tools and strategy are helping or hindering your cause? The truth is, having inefficient tools in place can cost you time and money.

In fact, businesses with 500 employees could be losing well over $5 million annually.

The 2017 Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Report, a state-of-the-market report from Webtorials, analyzes the ways people interact both inside and outside an organization to see the true cost of inadequate enterprise communications and collaboration capabilities. Featuring responses from participants in North America and Europe, this report uncovers findings that will completely change the way you view your communications strategy, such as:

  • Employees spend over two-thirds of their time connecting and collaborating.
  • Nearly 15 percent of employees' total work time is wasted inefficient communications.
  • Disparate platforms and applications make chat and IM challenging.

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