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Enrolling more than 18,000 students across three campuses in upstate New York, Binghamton University had complex telecommunications needs, encompassing a range of services, including emergency phones, elevators, courtesy phones, and parking gates.


Binghamton University needed a flexible, responsive, and affordable on-premise system as a multi-location campus. The ability to easily change users and features was essential to university operations, as working with campus staff, vendors, and contractors often necessitated immediate changes and temporary setups.


Binghamton University has used on-premise Mitel communications solutions for nearly a decade, employing Mitel Connect, Mitel Cloud Sky, Contact Center, and Enhanced Paging Application on all three campuses. The system has exceeded expectations for Zachary Jones, Assistant Director of Telecommunications at Binghamton University and Treasurer/Secretary of the Mitel User Group (MUG).

Mitel impressed Binghamton University from day one, with a demo system up and running the same day – weeks before competitors could deliver their equipment. Ultimately, Jones and every demo user selected the platform for its ease of use, value, capabilities, and features.

Mitel's on-premise interface's simplistic design and usability make essential changes easy and seamless for the multi-campus institution with use levels that vary throughout the year. This helps keep costs down while still delivering quality communications.

Mitel’s low cost of use has kept the university’s chargeback rate stable for a decade, even despite the recent cost increases seen across the globe. Since 2012, the annual chargeback rate to campus users has only increased by 20 cents, fluctuating less than a dollar.

Jones has been involved with the Mitel User Group, a customer-led, global community of users, since 2017. In his current position on the board of directors, he helps make connections in the Mitel world and gives users a voice within Mitel. 

I have been using Mitel for the phone service needs of a multi-location university campus, and it has exceeded my expectations. Mitel provides me with the versatility and flexibility I need to ensure our phone service is reliable and of the highest quality.

- Zachary Jones, Treasurer/Secretary, Binghamton University

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