At A Glance

Mobitel needed to move its physical contact center to remote services, upgrade its system, and improve call automation to accommodate growth and more demanding call patterns. With that in mind, they launched a request for proposal (RFP) process for contact center options.


Mobitel wanted to migrate to a remote contact center and deal effectively with demand from high numbers of calls by implementing an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to route calls to agents efficiently. An automatic IVR would allow Mobitel to manage high call demand without drastically increasing call agents, thereby reducing costs.


During the RFP process, Mobitel used its experience in the telecommunications industry, cost factors, and the reputation of the contact center platforms to choose Mitel, with the help of Mitel partner Metropolitan Communications Pvt. Ltd has obtained 264 agent licenses, over 900 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) licenses, and 600 digital IVR extensions. They have also upgraded their system to accommodate growth while utilizing Mitel’s Software Assurance solution.

“Mobitel is the mobile arm of Sri Lanka Telecom, a leading mobile operator with state-of-the-art applications offered to customers,” said Ruwan De Abrew, Senior Account Manager at Metropolitan Communications Pvt. Ltd. “They are enjoying various types of applications integrated into MiContact Center and requirements for their call center are complex and demanding to compete with other mobile competitors. Currently, their system is working on 7.5 on MX One and 9.6 on MiCC, and Mobitel will continue to enjoy the services from local partner M/S Metropolitan Technologies Ltd and Mitel Networks.”

Mobitel increased its system capacity, reporting the completion of nearly 15,000 calls in a single day. The self-service IVR allows Mobitel to prioritize customers and provide better services without increasing costs by adding more call agents to deal with high demand. IVR allows Mobitel to differentiate between customer needs that require call center agents and those that do not, efficiently prioritizing the calls needing to be picked up by agents and raising call efficiency.

Mobitel introduced many things in automated sales, such as billing inquiries and SMS-based campaigns. With Mitel IVR, Mobitel easily adjusts and designs the system as needed, providing a more personalized and efficient experience for call staff and customers.

After seeing various vendor proposals, it was clear that Mitel provided the best value with what we needed to upgrade our contact center capabilities and manage growing call patterns.

- Krishan Dananjaya, Senior Manager – Power and Voice Systems, SLT Mobitel