The Padres noticed a new era of technology shaping its fan experience and a need to communicate with customers in a personalized way on the platforms of their choice. What’s more, when applying to host the All-Star Game, the Padres were faced with a set of technology requirements they would have to meet in order to be granted the prestigious honor. Key requirements included the flexibility to scale quickly and the agility to respond to changing requirements on the fly.
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Evaluating their current infrastructure and future needs, the Padres sought to replace its existing system and limit onsite equipment and maintenance. The Padres evaluated several vendors before ultimately choosing Mitel, with Ray Chan, Director of Information Technology, citing Mitel’s expertise in providing the best path to the cloud as a major factor in his decision.

“Mitel’s cloud solution gives us all the bells and whistles without having to maintain the infrastructure onsite. The enterprise mobility aspect is equally important because it opens up a different avenue of communications that can allow our business to operate more efficiently and successfully.”

    • Critical need for mobility to keep various locations and travelling employees connected
    • Changing fan experience with new standards for communicating with customers
    • Technical requirements, such as the ability to scale quickly and unexpectedly, in order to host the 2016 All-Star Game
    • Support for digital and mobile-first fan needs
    • Enhanced mobility to keep staff connected across disparate locations with flexible, feature-rich collaboration tools 
    • Advanced communications services to enable Petco Park to host the 2016 Major League Baseball All-Star Game 

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