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Smooth and intuitive communications across Worldhotels’ global workforce are essential for their continued development and successful growth. With Mitel’s unified communications solution, Worldhotels secured flexible communications for locations worldwide.


When Worldhotels split from its sister company, IHS, an entirely new communications solution had to be implemented that would seamlessly incorporate the existing phone numbers and take into account the shortage of space at various locations. The response to global alignment, the requirement for mobility and flexibility and limited space soon made it apparent that Worldhotels would greatly benefit from a Cloud solution.

Michael Bell, Senior Sales and Consulting Manager with IT services provider Black Box, introduced Mitel as the preferred solutions provider. Worldhotels also considered a number of other options such as Innovaphone and NFon, however Mitel was the only provider who could meet all the requirements, uniquely positioned to integrate existing phone numbers and transition them to Skype for Business.

    • Ensure staff is accessible 24/7
    • Avoid additional costs, such as roaming charges 
    • Leverage the cloud for mobility and flexibility
    • Cost-saving: significantly reduced connection and maintenance costs 
    • Global reach: staff can connect seamlessly with colleagues in all locations worldwide 
    • Intuitive: easy-to-use solution benefits end users and IT administrators, allowing resources to be allocated to other tasks 
    • Space-saving: the absence of physical hardware frees up space at every site 


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