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5 Ways to Improve Business Agility Tip Sheet

5 Ways To Improve Business Agility Tip Sheet

Does your business agility need a boost?

The extent and rate of change that your organization experiences can be influenced by many factors. The state of the economy, company growth, changes in technology and the dynamics of a particular market or geographical location all contribute to what can often be turbulent times. If your organization is to remain competitive and take advantage of new opportunities then the ability to anticipate change and adapt quickly is critical. Here are five ways to improve business agility in your organization.

1. Rapidly introduce new products and services

When customers demand new products and services or as an organization you need to make changes to existing offerings, time is often a luxury that cannot be afforded. When design, manufacturing, sales, service, finance and other interested functions need to come together, the location of individuals or teams, differing time zones or technology should not be a barrier to rapid objective setting or decision making.

2. Consider shareholder value a leading KPI

With teams successfully integrated, sharing information and working closely together the cost of product development can be managed allowing margins to increase. As you streamline your business processes to reduce unnecessary activities the focus can firmly turn to reducing the cost of sale, ensuring customers have a lifetime value and foster an ethos among employees of continuous improvement.

3. Have a corporate commitment to the environment

We all have a responsibility to operate our business in a way that considers the effect we might have on the environment. In many cases behavior towards the environment may have an impact on the people who look to invest in our business.

4. Deliver exceptional customer service and satisfaction

Retaining customers, then turning them into loyal and life time customers can only be achieved when our business exceeds the expectations that customers place upon us. In a Frost & Sullivan survey¹ sixty-eight per cent of businesses say that customer satisfaction and call handling can be improved with the use of Unified Communications tools.

5. Respond to changing market demands

Modern communication solutions allow companies to access and measure performance data and market trends quicker than ever before. Immediate access to company performance, product sales and geographical trends mean you predict change and view it positively. IT tools are also changing to keep pace with real-time information gathering particularly in understanding how customers view your business and the products and services you provide.

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