Powering Connections Through Crisis - Business Continuity in an Uncertain Time

Business leaders are experiencing unforeseen struggles in the face of the coronavirus pandemic - it has not been, nor will be the only crisis to manage through. The current environment has forced millions of office workers into work-at-home situations, and with countries addressing these needs in various ways, the future is uncertain. As businesses struggle to maintain continuity with a workforce delivering their work in distracting and volatile environments, the move to remote working is one that has uncovered significant gaps in IT Strategy and organizations, especially for SMBs. These short and long-term communications and collaboration problems must be solved to ensure organizations' operational survival.


This webinar will explore:

  • Business crisis transition from reaction to recovery
  • Where HR meets technology - people, process, technology and coaching
  • Key practices to support business continuity during workforce shift
  • How the right communications system can support your business needs in crisis and beyond


Billie Hartless, Mitel's Chief Human Resources Officer and Josh Hortsmann, Partner at Sales Benchmark Index discuss how HR and IT leverage technology to support business continuity through crisis, while preparing to thrive in recovery.