Upgrading Business Communications for a Post-Pandemic World


Inefficient communication comes with a high cost for modern businesses. Every unseen email or unanswered voicemail represents a waste of time and resources - and when the message involves customer satisfaction, the losses directly affects the bottom line. It’s crucial that businesses modernize and consolidate their communication channels. This is especially true in the post-pandemic environment: Remote and hybrid workforces need to communicate and collaborate more effectively, and customers need an excellent experience across channels.  The goal is continuity in business communication not bound by location — a seamless conversation across chat, phone, voicemail, email, and more. It takes strategic planning to successfully migrate to a new model of business communication — both in terms of budgeting and in adapting the business to make the most of the technology investment. This webinar aims to help mid-sized businesses plan and execute a successful communication evolution, considering all we’ve learned during the pandemic, and the latest advances in technology. Features insight from industry expert Sally Eaves and practical advice from Jamshid Rezaei, EVP of IT & CIO of Mitel, on upgrading your business comms strategy to save time, money and sanity.


  • How to evaluate your communication needs as a business
  • How to strategically plan a migration
  • Best practices for successful implementation and adoption in remote and hybrid workforces
  • How to build continuity throughout your channels of communication

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