End User License Agreements

 Product / Service  License versions and terms of use
Call Recording Suite  EULA
Contact Center Solutions  7.0 
Emergency Responder EULA
Live Business Gateway 3.5
Mass Notification  EULA
MiCollab Advanced Messaging  EULA
MiCollab Client 8.0, 7.2, 7.0, 6.0
MiCollab Client Thin Client EULA
MiConfiguration Wizard EULA 2018, EULA
MiContact Center  9.08.0
MiContact Center Solidus 9.0
Mitel 100 EULA 
Mitel Connect fka ShoreTel Connect   EULA
Mitel CT Gateway 5.0
Mitel Demo Kit EULA
Mitel SX-200 ICP EULA
MiVoice 3725 37212 Lync Phones EN, DE, FR, ES, IT
MiVoice Border Gateway 10.1, EULA
MiVoice Business 8.07.0
MiVoice Business Console EULA
 MiVoice Enterprise Manager  EULA
 MiVoice Office 250 6.1
MiVoice Office 400 EULA
MiVoice 5000 EULA
MiVoice for Skype for Business EULA
Mobile Convergence EULA
MSP Log Viewer  EULA
NuPoint Unified Messaging 8.0, 7.0
OfficeLink (formerly OfficeConnect)   OfficeLink EULA,EULA
Open Integration Gateway 2.21.2
MiCloud Management Portal (FKA. ORIA) 6.1EULA 2014
MiVoice Business Migration Tool 9.0, EULA
Systems Administration and Diagnostics   6.3EULA
UC360 Collaboration Point EULA
Unified IP Client 3.0
MiCloud Telepo for Service Providers  EN 2018EN, DE, FR
Mitel Teamwork EN


Should you require a EULA document that is not posted here, please contact iplegal@mitel.com

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