Mitel OfficeLink

Your customers have gone mobile. Join them.

The difference in making a sale or keeping a customer is whether they can connect with you. Customers today need you to be available 24/7, and that availability is a key feature of Mitel OfficeLink.

Mitel OfficeLink can give your employees the best features of a business phone system bundled into a single application, allowing them to respond to customers from wherever they are.

Key benefits
Always on, always connected
With the rise of smartphones and the ease of simple one-touch calling, the number of calls to businesses is rising quickly. Is your growing business prepared to answer those calls?
Bridge the gap
Customers use their smartphones for everything, and your business has to be able to interact with them in the digital world. Mitel OfficeLink bridges the gap between you and your customers.
Easy-to-use design
Mitel OfficeLink is easier for your employees to use, making them more productive and mobile.
Seek efficiency
Built from the ground up with growing businesses in mind, Mitel OfficeLink provides the efficiency, mobility and simplicity that your business needs in our digital world.

Is this product right for you?

    • Business-class voice quality
    • Instant messaging with persistent history
    • Group calling, conferencing and chat
    • Real-time presence information and controls

    • User-friendly interface with custom layout options
    • Multiline client with call park functionality
    • Automatic contact sync with MiVoice Office 250
    • Seamless integration with iOS and Android operating systems
growing businesses

Mitel OfficeLink, an innovative mobile application that allows you to answer calls from customers wherever you are, is tailored for growing businesses that thrive on happy customers.

organizations with multiple departments

Bring all your employees together, no matter where they physically may be. Communicating with others, especially when employees and departments are dispersed, is made easy with OfficeLink.

businesses with mobile and field workers

For businesses that are always on the move, OfficeLink allows your employees to answer multiple lines, direct calls, and connect effortlessly with each other, wherever they are.

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