Sycurio Card Protect Voice+
by Sycurio

Sycurio’s cloud-based solution for contact center, remote agents and field-based operations delivers secure, easy to use solutions for voice-based and digital payments across your entire business.

App Overview

Whether you are a Bank, an online Retailer, a Travel Agency, a Healthcare provider, or even an Education Facility, you are required to have in place a robust Data Security strategy and comprehensive internal controls. Any organization that collects credit card information from customers must be ready to manage this requirement while providing a compelling customer experience. Sycurio’s Card Protect Voice+ integrates with Mitel’s MiVoice Business and MiContact Center Business applications to help these institutions comply with PCI DSS regulations.

Benefits of Card Protect Voice+


  • Communication channel protection: Phone, Chat, Message, Email, Bots etc.
  • Secures credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, and PII
  • Simplifies regulatory compliance for PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA
  • Secure browser, reporting and monitoring of the infrastructure
  • Integrate seamlessly with CRMs, Telephony, Payment Service Providers, IVRs, CCaaS, UCaaS, and more
  • Use familiar telephone keypad or speech recognition
  • Agents cannot hear or see any secured data
  • An easy, secure and consistent experience across all voice and digital channels
  • Agent-friendly payment process built into their CRM call flow
  • No requirement to work in a ‘clean room’ as there is no access to secured data
  • Enables more flexible working – work remotely and securely with confidence
  • Significantly reduces the cost and resources required to ensure PCI DSS compliance
  • Mask all sensitive customer data from recordings
  • Enable secure IVR payments
  • Comprehensive high-availability deployment options
  • Removes a considerable proportion of your compliance obligations for PCI DSS

Compatibility & System Requirements


Compatible: The 3rd party solution or service is globally interoperable with Mitel Products and is eligible for Mitel MSA Support.

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Sycurio helps organisations simplify how they manage payment security, regulatory compliance and consumer data protection. Our industry-leading data security solutions and services enable you to safeguard every customer interaction, in every channel.

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