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Streamlining communications is critical to retaining healthcare professionals and providing a positive patient experience. By enabling more efficient and automated communications services, Mitel supports healthcare and elderly care organizations around the world with their modernization and digital healthcare transformation.

Tailored Healthcare Communication Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs

Find the right healthcare communications solutions for your organization.

A Better Experience for Patients & Healthcare Providers

  • Privacy in Healthcare

    Patient privacy is a growing concern, especially in light of strengthened privacy and security regulations. Mitel Healthcare Services Solutions provide common controls that organizations can use to address requirements in their regulated environments, such as security, privacy, and anti-fraud measures (e.g., PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, call recording regulations) via product features or through partnerships with providers.*
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  • We Care Better When We Work Together

    Thousands of satisfied healthcare organizations worldwide trust Mitel to provide solutions that improve patient communications and care. Mitel's collaboration and integration with healthcare applications, smart API solutions, and CloudLink next-generation cloud platform create cost-effective and secure end-to-end solutions that improve interactions between your employees and your patients. Our current integrations have improved patient experiences and trust throughout the entire lifecycle.
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  • We Support Your Success

    Mitel increases the success of your healthcare organization by supporting your digitization journey through automation, remote working solutions, mobility access, streamlined workflows between staff and apps, and instant access to data. Mitel’s phone systems for healthcare and contact center solutions enables AI-supported automation via patient self-service appointment bookings and reminders, competency-based routing to reach the right staff at the right time, and omnichannel support for your patients.
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Why Healthcare Organizations Trust Us

"What I know is, Mitel has tremendous products. Good people, fabulous technology, rock-solid in reliability."
Randy Davis
CGH Medical Center
"We can provide a solution that is fully secure, self-contained, and very simple to use. The actual configuration of the solution was just a couple of hours, and we were able to demonstrate calls across it. That's a testament to the ease of the installation."
Mike Press
Assistant Director of IT, Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service
"When a 999 call is made, every second counts; it is mission critical that we have the right communications technology to help get us to patients as quickly as possible."
Neil Brennan
Control Communications Manager, East Midlands Ambulance Service

Solution Bundles Built for Real-Life Healthcare Environments

  • Emergency Response Solution

    When an emergency occurs, your organization needs a fast, efficient and reliable way to notify staff to keep everyone safe.
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  • Patient Appointment Booking and Notifications for Healthcare

    A crucial feature of your healthcare communication should be prioritizing the patient experience.
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  • Elderly Care Solution

    Elderly care facilities require reliable and sustainable communication solutions to support patient needs throughout their healthcare journey.
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*Controls enabling compliance to regulatory standards may vary based on specific Mitel product capabilities and components and may be delivered via one or more Mitel products, Mitel Solutions Alliance (MSA) partner solutions, or a demonstrated integration to a third party solution via Mitel Professional Services and may require additional corporate IT controls. Degree of product-specific compliance is documented as part of Mitel's publicly available documentation for the applicable product, partner solution, or professional service integration. For more information regarding Mitel's ability to help customers comply with regulatory standards, please contact your Mitel Representative or Channel Partner.

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