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Today’s guests often want freedom to choose their own experience, to communicate when and how they want to while at the same time having easy access to information the moment it becomes relevant. As a hospitality property owner, when it comes to safety, you need to make sure that your guests and staff receive the right information, at the right time and via the right medium. 
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Communication challenges in hotels

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Mitel has more than 50 years of experience working with the hospitality industry, ensuring your guests and staff have the best possible experience by providing seamless communication for everyone on your property.



  • When it comes to guest and staff safety, seconds matter

    Mitel Hospitality Notifications Solutions, such as Mitel Revolution or F24, empowers you to keep both staff and guests safe in emergency situations through a wide range of communication methods, including voice calls, email, SMS, chat, and instant messaging. Geofencing technology further enhances safety by providing location-based alerts and limiting unique property requirements. Its scalability allows for comprehensive coverage, spanning reception areas, front and back offices, guest rooms, and mobile staff devices, ensuring maximum preparedness and security during emergencies. 
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    Get the best offers directly to your guests

    Mass Notifications Solutions, such as Mitel Revolution or F24 make it simple for you to share value added services and promotional offers with your guests. Facilitate the delivery of information for various non-critical scenarios such as spa offers for honeymooners, babysitting tariffs to guests with children, special offers at the blackjack table for your casino hotel etc. 

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    Mitel IP Phones - An essential tool for Hotel Properties

    Mitel’s IP phones can be used for more than simply making calls. They are designed to keep your staff and guests connected and informed at all time so that communication is always seamless. You can use them to send and receive notifications and pre-program them for mass alerts. Our IP phones allow you to receive notification whenever there is an emergency on the property while also allowing your staff to trigger emergency notifications if they or somebody else would need help. For your safety and convenience, we integrate seamlessly with third-party applications and devices, such as VOIP doorbell systems and security cameras. With these integrations, your receptionist or security crew can monitor visitor arrivals, even after regular check-in hours and call 911 or trigger an emergency notification with just one click when required.  
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